Mexican Authorities Shut Down Many Gambling Facilities in the Nation

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Police shuts down casinos across Mexico, as authorities look to put a stop to widespread illegal gambling operations.

The city of Merida saw two of its casinos shut down, as police move to close institutions that do not follow and maintain the gambling policies. Gambling news report that during last month’s police operations, the authorities closed nearly 25 gambling and betting facilities in the Northern part of Mexico.

The Entretenimiento De Mexico (EMEX) serves as the main gambling hub, as it operates numerous casinos in the country. Mexico’s Interior Ministry agency that monitors gaming practices known as SEGOB, stated that EMEX failed to comply with the appropriate regulations set by the institution.

EMEX has been accused of maintaining illegal gambling operations, which has since seen them stripped off their permit that they have received in 2005 by former President Vicente Fox’s government.

Controversial head of EMEX

Juan Jose Rojas-Cardona, commonly known as the “Casino Czar,” is the leader of the EMEX group. He is not the most scrupulous person known to the Mexican law enforcement, as in 1994 he was arrested with 17 pounds of marijuana in his car. There has also been previous speculation that link Rojas-Cardona to illegal Mexican poker rooms.

Some have pointed him out as a police informant, since his charges were dismissed and he was bailed out. Additionally, the controversy surrounding Rojas-Cardona trails closely behind him, as he was also the target of a failed assassination attempt in 2007.

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