Why is Magnus Carlsen Dominating the 2018 Norway Chess Tournament Betting Odds?

2018 Norway Chess Tournament Betting Odds

There is one clear favourite shadowing all other competitors in the 2018 Norway Chess Tournament. Magnus Carlsen is the man to watch but why is he dominating the 2018 Norway Chess Tournament Betting Odds. Is there anyone capable of preventing what seems like a clear victory?

We live in an age that constantly baffles me. Technology has surpassed the predictions of even our parents, and politics has lost its honor (if it ever had any) channeling the masses towards celebrities delusion. Nevertheless, as I write the thing that leaves me noticeably clueless is how, when I still struggle with forming a coherent sentence before a breakfast coffee, the likes of Magnus Carlsen can become a chess grandmaster at the age of thirteen. Perhaps by trying to find some reason for this, we can begin to manipulate odds to our favour, especially when looking at competitions such as the 2018 Norway Chess Tournament.

Magnus Carlsen: Chess World Champion

After becoming a grandmaster at the age of 13, Magnus Carlsen forged his reputation as a household name. His play is unpredictable and adaptable with little care for a game’s starting moments yet heavily dominant in the middle stages. Online sportsbook sites in the UK liken him to every major grandmaster history can recall, while he continues to raise the bar for today’s expectations of chess.

The home advantage

If this was a different competition fought from different passions then Fabiano Caruana (7.00) would be the one for the challenge when facing the master of modern chess. Unfortunately, for the Italian, Magnus Carlsen (3.00) is on home turf and out to strike against Caruana before they meet to play for the title of World Chess Champion. Of course, it is not impossible for Caruana to win the tournament, as he is an extraordinary player with gifts almost beyond full reason, however what this competition means to Carlsen is incomparable; a nation turning demanding eyes upon their own just before Carlsen’s defending match.

The epistemology behind child prodigies

Fabiano Caruana


Are they born with it, the gift to rule the chessboard as if they were Grecian Gods toying with the folly of mortality? Modern psychologists disagree to an extent claiming that it takes approximately ten thousand hours to master a skill. That said there has to, of course, be a factor of genetics at work. A predisposition for a better visual memory and the ability to find patterns could be a basic recipe for a grandmaster.

Online sportsbook news sites in the UK support the idea that it is in fact the early stages of brain development and the ability to learn the most at younger ages that really raise a grandmaster. Take Carlsen for example. He began playing at five years of age and shortly after started to digest the game entirely, reading Bent Larson and obsessing over combinations that he has no doubt memorized to this day. This coupled with what is clearly innate brilliance for pattern analysis is what made Magnus Carlsen, arguably, the greatest player in the history of the game.

2018 Norway Chess Tournament betting odds

It should be apparent who the safe bet is and with odds at 3.00 from 1xBET Sportsbook, the payoff is unexpectedly rewarding given Carlsen’s stature in the tournament. The potential to profit from the 2018 Norway Chess Tournament betting odds do not stop there; a wise gamble for some extra cash would be on the odds of Fabiano Caruana coming in the top two at 3.00.

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