Why Online Casinos Block Accounts: Top 3 Reasons

  • Not to spoil a pleasant gambling experience one should know why online casinos block accounts.
  • In this article, we have listed three main problematic issues every gambler may face.
Why Online Casinos Block Accounts

Online gambling is rapidly developing every year. However, the game culture, unfortunately, progresses much more slowly. Sometimes the ignorance of gamblers together with their absence of knowledge leads to frankly stupid and even comical situations. Besides, some players are losing their accounts in online casinos because they violate the rules of the platform. In this article, we will try to explain why online casinos block accounts of their customers. Read it carefully to make sure you do not break any rules! 

Why online casinos block multi-accounts?

Most of the complaints usually begin with the words: “The casino has blocked me due to the creation of several gaming accounts.” Then comes the unpleasant statement of the players regarding the owners of the institution and staff. However, in most cases, the gamblers are not that innocent. When the casino tries to solve such a complaint, it turns out that the player had several accounts for “significant and valid reasons”:

  • One router distributes WiFi to the whole house.
  • The whole family plays on one computer, including grandparents and distant relatives from other regions of the vast country.
  • In general, this is the only computer in the city.

For these reasons, the answer to the question about why online casinos block accounts, in this case, is clear. Sometimes, situations arise when a player is accused of duplicating a game account. However, in reality, it is no one’s fault. In this case, it will help to file a complaint to the gambling establishment or its licensee.

Deposit from another person’s financial account

Replenishment of a game account using a bank card that does not belong specifically to you is a gross violation and entails account suspension and confiscation of funds. For example, you deposited in an online casino with your spouse’s bank card. Later, you decide to withdraw your winnings and the casino asks for verification of the card: photo of the front and back. Having seen a photo card, the security service raises several questions: Why is it written Mary on the card and you claim that you are John in your profile? After an instant logical analysis, the employees may conclude that you stole this card and block your account. Our article ID Verification In Online Casinos can help you omit such mistakes. 

But how do they know that you used your wife’s credit card? The profile doesn’t have a column “close relatives”. In reality, it looks like you stole a card from a stranger and made a deposit in a casino. Why in this case the casino does not return at least the deposit? The logic is simple, if suddenly the real cardholder wants to make a refund of illegal payment, then one needs to return the money. We note that there are several online casinos in the US that relate to such situations with understanding. They may be ready after providing a full package of documents (a notarized report of the cardholder, a selfie of the cardholder, etc.) to pay the winnings. However, this is done very rarely. This is why online casinos block accounts most often. Therefore, be careful and learn from the mistakes of other people. 

Why online casinos block accounts: Bonus hunting

Blocking an account, for this reason, may not be done. However, online casinos may deprive your winnings with great pleasure. Usually, a player’s complaint can be reduced to a simple scheme: made a deposit, took a bonus, won, the winning was canceled. The casino’s position, in this case, is that a gambler almost always played with bonuses. And this is prohibited by the rules. However, on the other hand, if a player has an opportunity to take a bonus why not do it? The thing is that everything is good in moderation. Do not overuse bonus programs and nothing bad will happen to your account. Our article Bonus Hunting at Online Gambling Sites will tell you everything you need to know not to get into an awkward situation.

Why Online Casinos Block Accounts
Getting banned causes a lot of headaches

How to solve potential conflicts with online casinos

First of all, do not violate the rules of the casino. Moreover, be sure to read about Online Gambling Restrictions, especially paying attention to the section “Bonus conditions”. However, if the incident occurred, it is necessary to leave a complaint on thematic resources. And, in simple terms, no matter what try to be polite. Believe it – this is 50% of success. However, if you can’t resolve the issue on the forums, we recommend that you contact the licensee and all possible resources where this casino is at least somehow noted.

When writing a complaint (on a forum or to a licensee), it is desirable that, in addition to the intricacies of the situation, the order of thoughts be traced. Therefore, we recommend you to:

  • indicate the essence of the claim;
  • write a solution that suits you most;
  • attach all the evidence (screenshots, etc.);
  • operate the rules of the casino itself;
  • be polite.

If a player is “clean”, no adequate online casino will block the account. What for? You already know the main reasons why online casinos block accounts. Therefore, make sure it will not happen to you in the Intertops Casino. Read our tips, follow the rules, and win – everything is so simple! Good luck.

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