Why You Should Bet on Michael Bisping to Beat Luke Rockhold

Bisping Rockhold faceoff

With less than two weeks to prepare, not many people are betting on Michael Bisping to beat Luke Rockhold. Here are a few reasons why you should.

For a time, it seemed like Michael Bisping would never get his shot at the title. He would fight his way into a number one contender match, and then fall in spectacular fashion. This past February, gambling news was made, and Bisping broke this curse by taking out the greatest fighter of all time, Anderson Silva. He is now poised to become the first British fighter to win a UFC championship, and complete what will undoubtedly be considered one of the most storied careers in MMA history.

This will be no easy task, however, as he is facing a fighter that is younger, bigger, and perhaps most importantly, has beaten him before. The current UFC champion has been nothing short of spectacular over his past five fights, defeating every fighter he went up against before the final bell. The time is now for the veteran English fighter, and here are some reasons you should bet on Michael Bisping to beat Luke Rockhold.

The Experience Factor

Michael Bisping has been fighting in the UFC since 2006. To put that into perspective, Chuck Liddell was the light heavyweight champion, and Conor McGregor was only 17 years old. It was evident early on in his career that Bisping was a special fighter. He rallied off four straight wins in the UFC before facing off against future light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans. That fight ended in a split decision loss for Michael Bisping, but showed he could be competitive against elite competition, at a higher weight class no less.

Michael Bisping young

Bisping is one of the most experienced fighters in the UFC (Photo:

After the loss to Evans, Bisping moved down to middleweight where he fought his way to a title eliminator match against Dan Henderson. This fight would prove to be too much, too soon for the English fighter, as Dan Henderson knocked him out in the second round.

This fight was only a setback for Bisping, but started what became a common theme in his career. He would continue to fight his way back to a number one contender fight, and then lose. 11 wins and 5 losses after the Henderson fight, Bisping now finds himself in uncharted territory. He has gotten his shot at the championship, and feels ready to prove the doubters wrong. Experience could be key for Michael Bisping to beat Luke Rockhold.

The Short Notice Factor

After it was announced that Chris Weidman was out of his fight against Luke Rockhold, a number of middleweights threw their name into the hat. Jacare Souza seemed to be the most logical choice after his dismantling of Vitor Belfort just 10 days ago. It was then reported that Souza has injured his knee, and could not compete at UFC 199. Several other fighters campaigned for the fight, but ultimately, Bisping was chosen.

Bisping vs Silva

Michael Bisping is known primarily for his striking (Photo:

Many people see this as a disadvantage for Bisping, and rightfully so. The Englishman has been filming a movie for the past month, not training for a UFC championship fight. What many people fail to see, however, is the effect this will have on Rockhold.

Luke Rockhold’s original opponent was a wrestler. Bisping is primarily a striker. The champion will need to make some major adjustments in his training camp in order to properly prepare for the striking of Bisping. The short notice fight is not ideal for either fighter, but it could be a pivotal key for Michael Bisping to beat Luke Rockhold.

The Destiny Factor

Alright, this is not exactly analytical, but Michael Bisping becoming UFC champion just seems like destiny. He has been through it all in his career. Extraordinary wins. Heartbreaking failures. Inspiring victories in his home country, and vicious losses in his opponent’s hometown.

Michael Bisping victorious

Will Michael Bisping be the next UFC middleweight champion? (Photo:

Bisping put it best a few days ago when he said, “Speed, fight IQ, that’s what I bring to the table. I believe this is my destiny. Since I was a little [expletive], 9 or 10 years old, I’ve been a fighter all my life. … This has been my life and this is what I do. I’m not turning up for a payday. I want this and I believe I will beat this guy. I deserve it. And I know you have to have more than that, but I do. I do have more. And everyone will see that soon enough.”

Michael Bisping is right. He deserves to win this fight. He has been a pioneer to not only English fighters, but every fighter that steps into the cage today. Bisping has continued to defy the odds, and finally has his chance to make history. The UFC 199 odds on Bovada sportsbook are set, and there has never been a better time to bet on Michael Bisping to beat Luke Rockhold.

What do you think? Will you bet on Michael Bisping to Beat Luke Rockhold? Is the Champion too good to lose? Head to GamingZion for a complete list of online sportsbooks in the US, and choose the website that is right for you!

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