Why You Should Bet on Valtteri Bottas to Win the Monaco GP

Bet on Valtteri Bottas to win the Monaco GP

Valtteri Bottas has cleaned up his inconsistency in the 2017 Formula One season, racing with a very solid performance so far in this year’s Championship. Out of the five races, he has achieved three podiums, not to mention his unfortunate blow out in the Azerbaijan GP, which cost him a win. Forget Lewis Hamilton and his 64th race win, the most interesting result would be to see Valtteri Bottas Win the Monaco GP.

Despite two almost certain victories, which were snatched away by from Bottas by misfortune and a race-ending crash at the start of the season Valtteri Bottas is currently standing strong in the third place spot.

Bottas’ performance has been so promising that online betting sites in Finland are offering odds of (2.10) for Bottas to finish with a podium. Bottas is standing just 37 point behind teammate Lewis Hamilton, the number one in the standings and after so many downfalls early season, currently ranking third has been an achievement in itself.

After years of watching the stale-growing rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel many F1 fans are watching in anticipation, hoping for Valtteri Bottas to win the Monaco GP and break the longstanding Hamilton/Vettel monopoly.

Blow out in Azerbaijan

The most recent race in the F1 Championship was the most emotional for Bottas, with debris from an earlier crash between two of team Red Bulls drivers causing a blowout and forced retirement from the race. Even four-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton admitted that Bottas should have won the Azerbaijan GP, stating, “I wouldn’t have got by him if he hadn’t had that tire blowout.”

Eliminating the inconsistency needed for Valtteri Bottas to win the Monaco GP

After failing to match teammate Lewis Hamilton’s tight form in 2017 Bottas is convinced that his performance has improved massively this year, he said “and there have been no weekends that I have been way off the pace, like there were a few last year. So I feel I have learned from those, and need to continue my development.”

Bottas’ three second-place podiums have shown that when the race goes without incident he is driving consistently well. If this streak continues and he does not suffer a freak blow out he could be well on his way to race victory. Unibet Sportsbook thinks that another second place finish is likely, giving odds of (4.25) for a first or second place finish.

Even team boss Toto Wolff has admitted that he is pleased with Bottas’ performance, stating, “Valtteri has been upping his game through the last races and has been very solid indeed.” He added, “having the two drivers close to each other in terms of performance levels, and equally respecting each other and racing each other fair is the best case.”

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