Is Bet365 Moving to Malta in Response to Brexit?

Is Bet365 Moving to Malta in Response to Brexit?

The Times Of Malta have released an article claiming that Bet365 moving to Malta will happen as Brexit draws closer to its final stages. The move will be of great significance to the company and all countries involved.

The current HQ of Bet365 is located in Gibraltar, a small British territory bordering Southern Spain, however in recent news from the Times Of Malta the company is looking to “expand its presence in Malta.” This, of course, has left speculation over whether Bet365 moving to Malta has come about in response to Brexit.

Online gambling laws in Malta are lucrative when compared to the UK’s ever-stricter regulations, which will no doubt tighten after Brexit finally goes through. Although Bet365 has not denied the possibility of moving their HQ, it seems they are holding out for the final moments before the UK leaves the EU.

The moving of one thousand employees would mean a huge boost in business for the Maltese economy while Malta’s low taxation and their position in the EU are desirable to Bet365; the move would be sure to benefit country and company alike. Bet365 has still said that they wish to maintain a “strong presence” in Gibraltar, regardless of whatever happens.

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