Will A Good Night Sleep In Sky’s “Richie-Mobile” Bring Porte Victory?

Posted: May 11, 2015

Updated: May 11, 2015

Porte sleeps under the Sky in RV mobile home, dreaming of a win at Giro D’Italia

One of the cyclists that sports fans are expecting to win at this year’s Giro d’Italia is Sky champ Richie Porte. As Porte aims for victory he hopes to sleeps soundly in Sky’s super-sized mobile home. The elite team member will thus skip Italian hotels with mobile casino gambling available and rest each night as he races for the pink jersey.

A Sky team spokesman said that a lot has been laid at Porte’s door“He’s got it through the Giro. It’s the first time we’ve used it, so that he can have the same bed and surroundings every night. The benefit is the familiarity. They studied the impact of different hotels every day for three weeks in a grand tour, looking to try to lessen the stress”. This is a sure way to win more than marginal gains on online sportsbook in the UK if the trial works.

Sleeping beauty biker

The team Sky hotel will keep watch over Porte’s mobile home in its parking each night. A driver has been hired to move the large, gray-and-black RV along the trail. Sky officials believe that with Tasmanian-born Porte getting a good night sleep it will increase his performance over the next 3 weeks. The mobile home boasts more than just a bed, there is also a TV, toilet, and kitchen, but Porte will leave his throne to eat with the team and share in other activities, within the walls of the hotel, each night.

Sky riders have been pampered over the past few seasons, in order to have them ready and alert to face each challenging day on the road. Perhaps this is normal for the UK-based team, where UK gambling laws allow you to bet on cycling, who seek to win, through any means fair, including betting that nothing like a good night’s sleep will enhance performance.

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