Will Gambling Be Legal In Texas? – Updates In 2023


Posted: April 27, 2023

Updated: April 27, 2023

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We dedicated this article to discovering the ancient question: Will gambling be legal in Texas? Maybe by the end of 2023, maybe by the end of 2024. We couldn’t know. There are two House Bills to be voted on. If they receive at least one more majority, then they will pass the house to turn into law. However, right now the online community of Texas does not show too much enthusiasm. Therefore, politicians can fairly say that the citizens are not even interested in this thing.

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In this article, we are going to discuss the biggest question of America. Will gambling be legal in Texas? Maybe this year, maybe a little later? We will debate the possibilities. This is important because otherwise, you have to work your way around to be able to play at online gambling sites in the US. Keep in mind that we are talking about the state of Texas. As much as we believe that some of their politicians can be laid back.

We have to consider the whole office which is heavily conservative. Issues with gambling legislation come and go just because they do not wish to change the habit. Let alone their fair points in the debate. Nonetheless, with each month they are losing massive amounts of money by not legalizing these businesses. Because the tax would all go to the state treasury.

Will Gambling Be Legal In Texas

Let’s approach the question from a politician’s perspective. The state of Michigan makes $27,633,007 from Tax Returns. However, Michigan’s size is roughly 250,493 km². Therefore, Texas is 2,7 times bigger than Michigan. Because Texas is roughly 695,662 km².

Will gambling be legal in Texas
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This means that the lowest potential income for Texas is $74,609. This is only if Texas puts down as many land-based institutes as Michigan has times 2,7. Therefore, Texas could make over $2 billion just by legalizing these institutes.

In our United States betting legislation Megathread we have already explained how and where to play online. But keep in mind that these calculations did not account for the legally taxed online businesses. In conclusion, there is a massive monetary potential in the business of Texas. If you are looking forward to playing online, then I recommend VAVE Sportsbook for now.

2023 Texas Betting Legislation Status

You can always check our site to find answers to questions such as: is online gambling legal in Florida? However, right now we seek to debate where will gambling be legal in Texas. According to the Texas State Law Library, under the Penal Code §47.02 gambling is considered a criminal offense. Therefore, you shouldn’t attempt to play a public game of Texas Hold’Em with your friends at the local bar.

Because if someone sees you, they might call the police. This means that the police will be able to punish you for breaking the law. This is why I highly recommend using VPN. Therefore, it is not going to be a lawful action, but it’s not going to break the law. However, I recommend you learn the latest policies about VPNs before attempting such.

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Will Gambling Be Legal In Texas This Year?

Maybe. We can not clearly state a yes or a no. However, you should know that not all politicians are opposing the idea. There are two running bills at the same time. Which is perfect. Because if one is not accepted, another can still pass the House. According to the Texas Tribune, the two active bills are the following:

  • HB 2843 for casino gambling and sports wagering in Texas.
  • HB 1942 for online sports betting within the vicinity of Texas on devices such as cell phones.

These House Bills must be voted on and receive the support of the majority to pass. Which means that they are by no means a part of the current plans. However, there are two separate bills. Which means that one might get voted and the other doesn’t. This gives us more hope than the states who seek to get one single bill accepted.

Why Is Gambling Illegal In Texas?

So now that you understand how to think about the question: Will gambling be legal in Texas? – It’s time to understand the main reason why it is not legal yet. Generally, this is a gesture to keep the proliferation of illegal gambling activities at bay.

Will gambling be legal in Texas
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Because once they’d make gambling legal, other crimes would be magnetized to the place. For example, money laundering and other issues. Because these crimes often gravitate toward the market.

It’s hard to monitor and enforce. Especially if the state grew old with the technology, while the criminals have years of experience from other states. Whether they will make these things legal, they wish to ensure the fact that they are up to date. Because letting these crimes slip can be a crucial mistake to the stability of the State.

Community Opinions – Will Gambling Be Legal In Texas

Now that we have discovered the question and the reasons behind the blurry answer. It’s time to listen to the people living in Texas. Honestly, it does not seem like the online redditors are very vocal about this thing. Most of them seem to just not care for it. The most frequent comment is similar to: “I don’t care, just legalize weed already” and the ikes. According to Reddit people have already heard this topic, and nothing came out of it.

But they wouldn’t keep pushing if it was. Therefore, I believe if the community was more positive about it, it would matter. Because if we can’t even find a little enthusiasm in the most vocal internet communities. Then it’s extremely hard to imagine the politicians caring enough to cast their vote on the topic. In conclusion, if you are from Texas, you should start voicing your interest online.

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How To Gamble With Crypto?

So will gambling be legal in Texas by the end of 2023? There is hope, but I wouldn’t rely on it. This is why I still believe that investing in cryptocurrency and VPN is still a better option than just sitting and waiting. Furthermore, going to Houston is not an ideal option. Considering the rumors we can see online about the locals. In conclusion, I highly recommend you to try and play the same way you can on the best gambling sites for online Texas Hold’Em.

Therefore, all you have to do is to register at VAVE Sportsbook. Because as long as you win tokens online and exchange them for real cash, it’s not exactly gambling. Therefore, in many states, you can bypass the restrictions by spending digital currency on these games. All you have to do is to buy and sell this currency so to say.

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