Will Legalized Sports Betting in America Reduce Illegal Bets?

The debate about legalized sports betting in America continues. The laws still prohibit most of it.

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The American gambling laws are tough when it comes to sports betting. Simply, it is not allowed with a few exceptions such as betting on horses or betting on American Football in Nevada.

Few states are already moving in seeking to legalize online sportsbooks in USA. This, however, meets with the opposition. For example, NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA are against legalized sports betting as the officials think that may corrupt the sports.

But, illegal sports wagering takes place and it does so in massive proportions. Everyone in America knows of under the table bets on the Super Bowl. Many office buddies make bets among themselves. Many will claim that legalizing this industry will lead to decline in underground betting.

On the other hand, some claim that illegal bookmakers can offer better odds due to the fact that these don’t need to pay taxes. However, quality online sportsbooks such as Ladbrokes are quite competitive and offer punters a wide variety of betting options on a multitude of sports.

It may take some time before the debate about legal sports betting in America ends. For now, punters in the United States find it hard to bet on their favorite sports.

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