Will Marco Asensio be a Future Ballon d’Or Winner Football Player?

Marco Asensio Future Ballon d’Or

The Spanish talented football crack has been playing superbly at Real Madrid, can he actually become a future Ballon d’Or winner footballer?

Online betting news in Spain are extremely excited thanks to the incredible improvements shown by Real Madrid’s Marco Asensio. The talented youngster in Spain is on his way to becoming not only one of the most important attackers among the Galacticos, but also at the Furia Roja. In fact, Spanish football fans have even higher expectations…

They want Asensio to become one of the newly discovered 2018 World Cup young stars who will make the difference when it is needed the most. He is most definitely going to join the adult team in Russia if he continues in this form. Asensio has scored a goal in every single tournament he debuted. He even has a goal in a Champions League final, against Gianluigi Buffon. At the age of 21!

Asensio is outstanding in the Euro U-21 Championship as well…

Asensio has already debuted in the Spanish national team and played 3 games for his nation. He hasn’t scored yet, but it’s only a matter of time. However, currently he is fighting for his nation in Poland. Their dream is to win Euro U-21 Championship for Spain. And Asensio does everything in his power to help his team achieve that.

Spain debuted at the tournament against Macedonia and won 5-0. Asensio scored a hat-trick at that game and is the top scorer in the tournament thanks to this performance. Spain is actually the biggest favourites to win Euro U-21 Championship 2017 according to online sportsbooks in Spain. And that’s not a surprise when they have a player who might become a future Ballon D’Or winner!

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