There Are Racing Wagers Galore At Royal Ascot 2017

Wagers At Royal Ascot 2017

Ascot Gold Cup 2017

• Harbour Law – 25/1
• Endless Time – 20/1
• Quest For More – 18/1
• Torecedor – 16/1
• Sweet Selection – 14/1
• Sheikzayedroad – 12/1
• Simple Verse – 8/1
• Big Orange – 8/1
• Order Of St George – Evens

It’s that time of year again, so get out your best frock, buy a new hat and get ready for Royal Ascot as some of the biggest names in horse racing congregate at the famed course for some of the most famous races on the calendar. Who’ll win the Royal Hunt Cup? Which horse will triumph in the Queen’s Vase and who’ll be taking home the Ascot Gold Cup? We take a look at some of the great racing wagers on offer.

Royal Ascot dates back to 1711 when Queen Anne instigated the meeting and it is perhaps that “Royal” connection that gives the event some of its prestige and gravitas. There’s nothing like a queen arriving in a horse drawn carriage before the waiting crowds to add a bit of drama to proceedings, even if the new stand they’ll await in only dates back as far 2006. The modern facilities aside it is a meeting that provides some superb racing wagers and this year is no different with some stunning horses running. <

The Royal Hunt Cup should see plenty of sparks fly but in the heat of this summer it’ll be the other two perpetual races that will be more interesting. Particularly the Ascot Gold Cup on Thursday and Friday’s Queen’s Vase. The former is a good long 2 mile 4 furlong affair and in the heatwave that has beset Britain (and barring a merciful rain shower or two) will be a real test of endurance making it one of a number of fabulous fun racing wagers for those that like to bet on sports in the UK at Bet365 to enjoy.

Who’ll Take Home The Ascot Gold Cup Or Queen’s Vase?

At the back of the field, and probably not worth a racing wager even if you’re feeling luckier than a dog with two tails, is Harbour Law on 25/1 with Endless Time only slightly better at 20/1, beyond which Quest For More gets 18/1 at Bet365, just behind Torcedor at 16/1. Sweet Selection probably isn’t at 14/1 and Sheikayedroad is at 12/1 but unpronounceably so, leaving Simple Verse and Big Orange to share 8/1 chances and the favorite to take the win, way out in front, Order Of St. George at Evens.

Which of them will be able to actually pull off the victory is going to depend a lot on the mood on the day. It’ll be firm underfoot and the blazing heat could well put off Order Of St. George leaving the rest to summon up a surprise win. Of course if you’re going to place any racing wagers under the incredibly liberal UK gambling laws you may wish to hold off backing the pack over the long haul and stick to the slightly shorter race that is the Queen’s Vase at only a mere one mile and six furlongs on Friday.

Check Out The Great Racing Wagers At Bet365

Queen’s Vase 2017

• Wisconsin – 16/1
• Haripour – 16/1
• Finn McCool – 16/1
• Desert Skyline – 14/1
• Defoe – 14/1
• Count Octave – 12/1
• Belgravia – 12/1
• Iron Mountain – 10/1
• Venice Beach – 8/1
• Time To Study – 7/1

Naturally there are plenty of takers for this prestigious event and you can find all the odds at Bet365  where currently the least attractive racing wagers (unless you’re a lunatic) are the trio of Wisconsin, Haripour and Finn McCool – possibly the most uncool name in history – all sat at 16/1 with the 14/1 double act of Desert Skyline and Defoe both unlikely to defy the odds on the day. Belgravia gets 12/1 which is nice as an each way shot, as perhaps is Count Octave at the same price online right now.

However if you’re in the UK gambling news coverage on the back pages come Saturday will be of any of these horses winning, think again, your racing wagers will stand a far better chance if you stick to the big three favorites in the Queen’s Vase, particular Iron Mountain at 10/1 who is a hair behind Venice Beach at 8/1 who in turn is closely following the current favorite Time To Study who gets 7/1, however all that might be so much swamp gas if the heat gets to the horses, so expect the unexpected this Friday.

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