Who Will Replace Theresa May? Bet on the Next British PM

Rumor has it that Theresa May’s two-and-a-half year reign is coming to an end already this year. Many say that the second female prime minister has not served the nation's interest. Moreover, she has repeatedly failed to take into consideration all sides except the Brexiteer wing of her Party. Taking a look at our list helps you to decide your bet on the next British PM.

Replace Theresa May
Who is next after Theresa May?

It is a general opinion at the moment, that Mrs. May should have changed her Brexit plan to win a consensus in the Parliament. While May has been devoted to the ‘strong and stable’ image, she missed her chance. Most likely she will not spend another year in her current position. If May fails to get her deal through and she is not willing to change course, the Prime Minister might just resign.

Theresa May’s clock is ticking loudly

People have started to guess the date when Theresa May will Leave Office as Prime Minister. As of now, guesses vary between the months of 2019 and the next few years. 2019 has odds of 1.4, while 2020’s odds are estimated 5. At the same time, 2021 has odds of 10, while the following year 2022’s odds are 10 at 1xBet Sportsbook.

Possible Candidate could take over the Prime Minister office already this year

The possible alternatives to deal with the situation after the Brexit plan has been defeated are:

  1. second vote
  2. renegotiation
  3. general election
  4. referendum
  5. another vote of confidence
  6. the Parliament taking control
  7. no deal.

The conjecture of who is going to be Britain’s next Minister is one definitely worth betting for. Online sportsbook promotions sites in the UK have published a list of possible candidates, where Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, and Jeremy Corbyn are having a leading position.

1. Boris Johnson, the face of the 2016 Brexit campaign: 6/1

Boris Johnson is the most direct critic of the Brexit move, ever since he quit as Foreign Secretary in July. Johnson is hugely popular among Conservative members, and widely expected to run for prime minister. Moreover, his friends and fellows already take Johnson’s win for granted. His odds are estimated a strong 7 for winning the position.

2. Michael Gove, the highest-profile Brexit campaigners since the referendum: 6/1

Michael Gove
Would Gove consider becoming the the next British PM?

The current Environment Secretary is a highly efficient member of the cabinet in bringing new policies forward. His odds for becoming the next Prime Minister are as high as 7 at the moment at 1xBet Sportsbook. According to the gossips within the Party, Mr. Gove is not considered as a serious contender due to his lack of ambition to become Prime Minister.

3. Jeremy Corbyn keeps stable in chaos: 4/1

At a time when the government appears chaotic, Corbyn seems to be standing stable. Corbyn is known as the leader of the main opposition Labour Party. One of the possible successors, he has insisted that Mrs. May should step down. His odds for becoming the next prime minister are 5. Sure enough, Corbyn is having a promising start for this new year.

After considering the odds, make sure you bet on the next British PM.

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