Will the World Cup Semi-Finals Offer More Action and Beautiful Goals?

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The World Cup 2014 in Brazil is almost at its end and it will be another 4 years until we have the chance to enjoy the biggest football fiesta again.

However, the most important games start today with the first semi-final between the host Brazil and Germany and the big question is not only who will play at the final, but also are we going to enjoy more goals in comparison to the other elimination stage games.

Less goals in the latest games

The semi-finals of the World Cup start tonight and everyone is expecting a lot of action and goals

• The first game is between Brazil and Germany

• The second semi-final is between Argentina and the Netherlands

• No World Cup underdogs reached this stage

The group stage games were full of action and goals. It was exciting that a good amount of the World Cup underdogs played definitely at their best, surprising millions of fans and even the experts.

Unfortunately, the knockout rounds were not so attractive and we witnessed far less goals than anticipated.

Statistics show that the teams in the elimination stage averaged just over one goal/per game, therefore the semi-finals Brazil vs Germany and Argentina vs the Netherlands are burdened with much higher expectations.

Brazil faces Germany

Germany and Brazil have scored a total of 20 goals in the previous five fixtures, therefore William Hill, one of the biggest online sportsbooks in the UK, offers odds at 6/4 (2.50) that there will be at least 3 goals in their game tonight. The odds that there will be two or less goals are at just 1/2 (1.50).

Germany didn’t score more than two goals in the regular time in the last three matches, therefore it gets odds at 13/8 (2.63) that it won’t score more than one tonight.

Keeping in mind that both teams have scored in the regular time in their latest games during the 2014 football fiesta, the odds of 21/20 (2.05) that both Brazil and Germany will score against each other in the first semi-final, are most probably worth the try.

Neymar’s injury was a true shock for the Brazilian team and is for sure a great loss for everyone who is anxiously expecting the game against Germany, but still the chances of having no goal draw between the two team is pretty low, therefore the odds are at 13/2 (7.50).

Argentina vs the Netherlands

The second semi-final between the Netherlands and Argentina will be tomorrow July 9th and everyone is waiting to see if the Netherlands will start to score again, as they couldn’t do it for the first time at this tournament against Costa Rica last Saturday.

Therefore, William Hill, which follows all UK gambling laws, gives odds at 4/9 (1.44) on no more than two goals in the game tomorrow.

The two teams cumulatively have only one goal in the regular time during in their quarter-final games, so the odds of 6/4 (2.50) on under 1.5 goals scored when they play against each other in Sao Paulo, are definitely tempting.

This bet seems quite realistic keeping in mind the last two games between Argentina and the Netherlands, including the 0-0 draw at World Cup 2006.

Argentina’s manager Alejandro Sabella is seriously criticized at home for his tactics at this year’s tournament so far, however if the team reaches the final game with no goals in its net from the Netherlands, available at 12/5 (3.40), he will for sure be forgiven for the rather unattractive tactics.

Summary of the most popular odds at William Hill:

Brazil-Germany both to score – 21/20
Brazil-Germany to finish 0-0 – 13/2
Brazil-Germany Under 1.5 goals – 13/8
Brazil-Germany Under 2.5 goals – 1/2
Argentina-Netherlands Under 1.5 goals – 6/4
Argentina-Netherlands Under 2.5 goals – 4/9
Argentina to win to nil – 12/5

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