Will Trump Visit North Korea While He’s in Office?

Will Trump visit North Korea

With tensions high and many fearing an actual conflict, many people around the world are wondering, will Trump visit North Korea in person?

Since Trump was made President, he’s taken a hard stance on both North Korea and its neighbors who he feels have failed to control them. In recent months, tensions between the USA and North Korea have grown and we’re now at the point where both nations are threatening the other’s destruction.

There is no clear answer on how this situation should be handled. One option (albeit and extremely unlikely one) is for President Trump to visit with Kim Jong Un in person to discuss ways for both nations to avoid further conflict.

Somewhat surprisingly, Paddy Power Sportsbook is actually allowing their members to bet on if Trump visit’s North Korea during his first term. Considering how much anger is being directed at one another, there’s little chance this would ever happen, but one of the best online sportsbooks in the UK if offering odds of 9/1 on the question of will Trump visit North Korea.

Other Trump foreign policy bets

Want to go a step further? With Paddy Power you can also place a bet on whether Trump backs Taiwanese independence. Much like North Korea, the Chinese government is not thrilled with the way Trump has handled his presidency thus far, and further provocations could lead to something no one wants.

Trump making UK gambling news by supporting Taiwanese independence would assuredly create and even bigger rift between China and the US. At the moment, the odds for this happening are set at 7/2.

Will Trump visit North Korea during his time in office? Could he support Taiwanese independence? Tell us what you think in the comment section below and head to Paddy Power Sportsbook today to place your bets!

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