This Year Why Not Bet On The 2017 Grey Cup Winner?

Bet on the 2017 Grey Cup

The razzmatazz that surrounds American Football in general, and in particular the orgy of media coverage that is the Super Bowl, often overshadows the game played by their neighbors to the north. Far greater numbers will wager on the game in Minneapolis next February than will bet on the 2017 Grey Cup winner, which is a shame in some ways as many would argue, particular those from Canada itself, that the CFL is playing the superior game, although no one in the NFL would ever admit it.

The 2017 Grey Cup

• Will the Calgary Stampeders at 11/4 be the team to back if you bet on the 2017 Grey Cup winners?
• Can the Edmonton Eskimos beat their 5/2 odds to become champions of the CFL?
• Will the weather take a toll on the British Colombia Lions’ chances of victory?

Originating at about the same time the two games, American and Canadian Football, might look to the casual observer, one perhaps not used to putting a bet on sports in Canada, all but identical however there are some rather fundamental differences between the two games and if you’re going to bet on the 2017 Grey Cup winner at Bet365 we should probably just glance over some of the more salient, starting with the number of players. The Canadians use 12 on a team, one more than the US version.

This is important because coupled with a larger playing field and fewer permitted “downs” to make the required yardage, down to three from the NFL’s four, makes it a more frenetic game and if you need a good reason to bet on the 2017 Grey Cup winner perhaps the most compelling is the nature of the sport itself, although the distinctly Canadian touches to the history and culture of the game do have their place in attracting a wager or two. After all November in Canada? Isn’t that a bit…you know….cold?

Bet On The 2017 Grey Cup Winner At Bet365

First commissioned by Earl Grey in 1909, and for those wondering the brand of tea was named after his grandfather, a Prime Minister of Britain in the early 1830s, this rather impressive cup with it’s huge silver base has often been battled for in what can only be described as appalling conditions. Indeed some of the worst instances have been given special names and I suppose that anyone placing a bet on the 2017 Grey Cup winner should bear in mind that unlike it’s NFL rival the weather can play a huge role.

Bet on Calgary

The Calgary Stampeders hold the highest odds to win the Grey Cup this year at 11/4 (photo:

During the “Mud Bowl” of 1950 due to heavy rain one player nearly drowned in a puddle, and the 1962 game became known as the “Fog Bowl” after poor (read ‘no’) visibility caused the final nine minutes of the game to be postponed and the temperature dropped so low at the 1977 game was played on artificial turf that had frozen over and became the “Ice Bowl” and if you’re going to take advantage of Canadian gambling laws to bet on the 2017 Grey Cup winner beware the weather doesn’t scupper your chances.

Will The Calgary Stampeders Beat Out The Edmonton Eskimos?

Of course a bet on the 2017 Grey Cup winner will require a quick look at the teams, and the outsiders at Bet365 are the Saskatchewan Roughriders at 18/1 just a pinch behind the Hamilton Tigercats at 16/1 just ahead of the current champions the Ottawa RedBlacks who only manage to garner a scant 15/1 to retain the trophy and at those odds it’ll make Canadian gambling news headlines if they pull it off which could well be said of the Montreal Alouettes too, who get a rather paltry 10/1 given their form.

Toward the front of the pack the Toronto Argonauts get 9/1 with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers at 17/2 although for a more sensible bet on the 2017 Grey Cup winner perhaps the British Colombia Lions at 4/1 will take your fancy, although the top two teams are the Edmonton Eskimos, who fetch 5/2 on Bet365 right now and the favorites, the Calgary Stampeders, stand at odds of 11/4.

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