Will We Ever See Neymar as Ballon d’Or Winner?

Neymar Jr Ballon dOr Winner

While many believes it is only a matter of time, other doubt Neymar would ever win the Ballon d’Or.

Online Sportsbook news sites in Brazil cannot stop talking about the wonderkid ever since he showed up in the world of football. He stood out form Santos, so Barca captured him immediately, at the end of a long procedure, which ended up on court, but that’s another story. The Catalans bought him because they believed in him.

Barcelona believed Neymar was to replace Messi as the best football player in the world. They wanted Neymar to win Ballon d’Or. However, the Brazilian kid is still far away from MEssi’s and Ronaldo’s level. Can he ever make that one final step to put his name among the very best? Will Neymar ever win Ballon d’Or? How could Neymar win Ballon d’Or?

Will Neymar move to Madrid?

Neymar signed for Real Madrid – the odds for this to happen are relatively high right nor at online sportsbook sites in Brazil. However, it would definitely be a reasonable step for the Brazilian crack: those who vote watch far more Real Madrid matches than PSG games. And if you stand out from a team like Real Madrid, that’s far more news-worthy than standing out from PSG And Ligue 1…

So, if Neymar Ballon d’Or is to ever happen, the Brazilian might need to leave Paris and take his football back to the highest level. The one he used to perform at but decided it was more comfortable to take one step lower. Not a Ballon d’Or winner mentality but he is still young so there is time for him to mature a bit more.

World Cup winners to win Ballon d’Or?

Back in the old days, when football was full of stars and not only two people dominated the footballing universe, the Golden Ball was much harder to win. Especially in the year of the World Cup: if you did well in the summer, the whole world loved you and you knew you had the prize. That’s why Cannavaro got it, as well as Ronaldo and Zidane before him.

However, the Messi and Ronaldo regime broke that sacred tradition. Ronaldo won the Ballon d’Or in 2014 when Germany won the World Cup and Messi won in 2010 despite Spain’s success. Now based on these, if Brazil won World Cup 2018, Neymar’s chances would increase, obviously.

That’s why it might be a good idea to check out some sites at the online sportsbook directory and see the odds for Brazil to win World Cup 2018. Can Neymar lead his nation to World Cup glory, like the best of the football players did, apart from the Argentine and the Portuguese stars?

Is Neymar mentally strong enough to be the best?

On a personal note, I firmly believe that the answer is no, and we have seen that against Real Madrid in the Champions League Round of 16: there were several occasions when he could have passed the ball to his mates, but instead he dribbled and lost it. And it’s still a team sport, which he seems not to understand.

And football is much more than just technical skills. You need to be on top mentally. You need mental toughness if you are to succeed in football. So, I don’t think it would be a reasonable suggestion to bet on Neymar to win Ballon d’Or. Probably he will not be the one to break the Messi v Ronaldo hegemony. Yet if you’re not convinced, join Marathonbet Sportsbook, where you can bet on Neymar winning Ballon d’Or: the odds are 3.75 currently.

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