Who Will Win Bundesliga 2019? Bet Against Bayern!

It’s really hard to ask who will win Bundesliga 2019 with a serious face, because the answer is way too obvious…

Freiburg Fans Celebration
Will Frankfurt fans celebrate at the end of next season as well?

However, that shouldn’t mean you weren’t supposed to hope and try your best. Bet on Bundesliga 2019 winners: who will win Bundesliga 2019? Should you bet on Bayern to lose Bundesliga, or should you believe the Bundesliga 2019 outright betting odds? Online sportsbook news sites in Germany don’t think it’s possible for Bayern not to win Bundesliga.

If we think about it, it’s about time that finally someone else wins the championship. Bayern Munich have shown decreasing performances in the beginning of the last season, as well as the season before. While certain teams have been showing terrific progress. Can their development reach the top at the end of the upcoming season?

Bet on Dortmund to win Bundesliga 2019

Borussia Dortmund are the only team who managed to win Bundesliga this decade, apart from Bayern Munich, obviously. In fact, the Bees did that twice in a row: they were champions in 2011 as well as 2012. Of course, back then they had a top Reus, Götze, Hummels, Lewandowski, being managed by Jürgen Klopp.

Currently they finally got rid of their horrible manager who was replaced by Swiss expert Lucien Favre. He used to coach OGC Nice and took them to the Champions League, which was quite a huge achievement. Can he win Bundesliga with Dortmund? Bet on BVB to win Bundesliga 2019 for 10.00 at 888sport!

Will Red Bull Leipzig win Bundesliga 2019?

Red Bull are not the most experienced group in managing football teams, but they are doing an outstanding job apparently. Leipzig were runner-ups 2 years ago and they obviously dream of beating Bayern Munich eventually. Money is not a problem, but they will definitely need to capture better players if they actually want to have a chance.

If you think you should place a bet on Leipzig to win Bundesliga 2019, you should join 888sport. They offer 21.00 odds for Leipzig to win Bundesliga. They have been progressing well in recent years, but winning the league would definitely be what they have been wanting all along. Can RB Leipzig make it this year?

Who else could win Bundesliga 2019?

Of course the most historic clubs in Germany come up when we talk about who will win Bundesliga 2019. Schalke and Bayer Leverkusen also have a chance, according to online sportsbook sites in Germany. The odds for Schalke to win Bundesliga are 36.00, while those for Leverkusen are 21.00. However, if we’re at that, we must talk a bit about history.

First of all, Bayer Levekrusen have never won Bundesliga, never in the history of the club. Why would they start now, when Bayern is at their best? On the other hand there is Schalke, who is the 4th most successful club in the history of German football, after Bayern, Nürnbreg and Dortmund. But they also haven’t won Bundesliga since 1958. Should you still bet on Schalke to win Bundesliga? It’s up to you…

Safe bet: Pick Bayern Munich to win the league

As you can see from Bundesliga outright betting odds at sites in the online sportsbook directory, it’s basically impossible for Bayern not to win the league next season. The odds for Bayern to win Bundesliga 2019 are 1.15 at 888sport. That’s pretty much the odds you get for Barcelona to beat their 2nd league opponent in the Cup, at home.

So yeah, Bayern to win Bundesliga 2019 is basically the most obvious bet there is. However, they have won the championship for the 6th time in a row. Can they make it 7, or is the ruler of German football going to step down next May? Can any of the teams put an end to the Bavarians outstanding dominance? Check out the latest review about 888sport and bet on who will win Bundesliga 2019!

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