Will Zinedine Zidane Replace Carlo Ancelotti at Real Madrid Bench?

Zinedine Zidane football

The legendary football player has been rumoured to take charge as Real Madrid manager in the future.

According to Spanish gambling news, Zinedine Zidane commented on rumours that he would be the coach of Galacticos. The legendary Frenchman stated that he would be unable to refuse a job offer from the Royal Club but he also added that the team has a fantastic manager at the moment. Zidane also told to Canal+ that he still has a lot to learn.

Real Madrid Castilla
’s current manager also declared that he had built his football player career gradually and his aim was to do the same with his managerial career. The former Golden Ball winner midfielder said that the hardest job for a manager was to handle the egos. He says even only one person can destabilize the whole team.

Zidane said he had learnt a lot working by Mourinho’s and Ancelotti’s side

The rising manager star also talked about his experiences of working together with team bosses like Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti. “From Mourinho, what I learned is that he never gives up. His handling is surprising, but he is right because he is harsh, yet fair. After a while it can be heavy, but he is fair and does everything for his players” said Zidane about the Portuguese.

Online gambling sites in Spain report that he said Ancelotti was more peaceful than Mourinho, but yet he also knows how to be tough when needed.”For Ancelotti, it’s different. He is a ‘cool dad’ with his players, he’s more patient. But he also knows that sometimes you need to be harsh” he said when asked about Real Madrid’s current manager.

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