Win Real Money With OXO – The Game From Your Childhood

  • We all know how to play OXO (Noughts and Crosses)
  • Win real money from this game at 1xBET Casino
win real money with OXO

Do you want to win real money with OXO? It is a pretty good way to combine making cash and playing the game you have known from your childhood. Check two popular gambling games of the same name based on the classic Noughts & Crosses and play them at online casinos.

Everyone has heard about Noughts and Crosses also known as OXO. This is probably the most popular game we have all played during boring classes in our school years. Nowadays, gamblers can play it for real money and even hit great jackpots in online competitions. Let’s check the two easiest ways to win real money with OXO.

Two ways to win real money with OXO

There are at least two ways to play OXO for real money. Surely, you can also do it with your friends, but, in terms of gambling at online casinos in Australia, you can win cash either from playing OXO against a computer or with the help of the themed slot.

OXO gambling game by 1xGames

One of the easiest ways to win real money with OXO is to play against a computer at 1xBET Casino in the 1xGames section. The rules are simple: outplay your opponent by gathering one of three winning combinations and earn some cash. If you want to know more about the game principles and odds, here they are.

  • The OXO game at 1xBET is played on a 3×3 grid. It has five pay lines: the upper horizontal line, the middle, and the lower ones. Also, two diagonal pay lines can bring you victory and multiply your winnings by 1.5;
  • There are three winning combinations with different odds. Thus, for having three matching symbols like XXX you will be paid x1.5 to your initial stake. The same odds belong to the OOO combination. In the case of getting OXO, the odds will increase to x2.5, which is the maximum;
  • You have to place a bet before the game starts. The lowest sum you can wager is $0.20, the biggest – $350.

In addition, the casino offers you to participate in hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly draws with one of the biggest jackpots. Check all terms and conditions at 1xBET.

win real money with OXO
Let’s play!

Play OXO slot online

Another way to win real money with OXO is to play a themed slot at online gambling sites in Australia. OXO is a video slot game developed by Tom Horn that follows the same-name game. To win on this slot, you have to spin OXO on any given pay line and have your stake multiplied by 2. Getting OOO at your screen means that your winnings will be multiplied by 4, while XXX wins 6x the original bet. In addition, each empty reel after the last spin will result in x100 to your stake.

OXO is one of the easiest slots to play. It has 3 reels and just 5 pay lines, which affects your winning chances positively. The RTP of the slot game is 97%. 

At 1xBET, you can also play another childhood game, Super Mario, for real money.

You can discover more about 1xBet Casino here.

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