Winning Bet On The Belgian Grand Prix Need Not Be On Mercedes

Belgian Formula One

The happy speedsters in Formula One are back again but should you be heading over to Bet365 so you can place a bet on the Belgian Grand Prix this weekend? We look at the race, the odds and some of the alternative bets available.

With their summer holidays over the posh boys in their fireproof romper suits and over-engineered go-karts are back once again as Formula One desperately attempts to retain an audience despite being as predictable as a sunrise tomorrow. This weekend the circus lands in Belgium where the historic Spa circuit awaits, snaking over the contours of this corner of the Ardennes forever associated with some of the great legends of motor sport, sadly you can’t bet on the Belgian Grand Prix living up to that past.

Belgian Grand Prix 2016

  • Race no. 13
  • 28th August
  • Spa-Francorchamps

A bet on the Belgian Grand Prix is a simple thing at Bet365 and picking the winner is almost as easy, given you know it’ll be one of the two Mercedes drivers, either Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg, barring a major incident that takes them both out of the running. That isn’t as far fetched as it seems, they’ve already managed it once this season gifting the only race they didn’t win to the only (and youngest) Dutch Formula One winner, Max Verstappen, but if you’re Belgian gambling news someone else will win I have a bridge I want to sell you.

The Root Of All Evil Grows The Mercedes Tree

The root of all Formula One’s evil demons (which you can just bet on the Belgian Grand Prix displaying in spades) is, naturally enough, money. Like all sports the weighty fiscal fist can wield as much power in Formula One as any quantity of talent or ability, of determination or skill. In F1 it’s just a little more obvious than in say football where Leicester City winning the Premier League was just the same as Verstappen’s win, all very well, and hugely delightful, but lets face it, an exception to the norm.

Mercedes Formula One

Mercedes continues to spend more on their cars than any other team (photo:

The money the top teams pump into the development of their cars is the critical deciding factor in Formula One and you can bet on the Belgian Grand Prix being won by a Mercedes specifically because they’re spending more on getting the job done than the other teams. That’s why they’ve dominated for the last few years and while they’ll probably carry on doing so, however dull that might be for the audience, the other teams and those who like to bet on sports in Belgium whenever the chance arises.

There’s More To A Bet On The Belgian Grand Prix Than Just To Win

Belgian GP 2016 Odds

  • Nico Rosberg – Even
  • Lewis Hamilton – 6/5
  • Max Verstappen – 11/1
  • Daniel Ricciardo – 11/1
  • Sebestian Vettel – 14/1
  • Kimi Raikkonen – 35/1

This disparity is why when you go to look at the odds over at Bet365 the two silver arrows are streets ahead of everyone else on almost evens the pair, and whilst the Red Bulls of Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo get 11/1 each and the Ferrari boys, who’ve not had the pace to win a soap box derby let alone bet on the Belgian Grand Prix going their way, are at 14/1 for Sebastian Vettel and an almost insulting 35/1 for Kimi Raikkonen. That’s three teams. None of the other drivers get less than 200/1.

Formula One racer

18 year old Max Verstappen is hoping to take 1st in his home country (photo:

Of course there are other wagers to be had if you want to bet on the Belgian Grand Prix at Bet365 and its online competitors, from who’ll retire first to who’ll get the fastest lap. There’s an interesting side book on how many cars won’t finish the first lap of the Spa Circuit, you can split hairs over how many cars will finish the race, and of course, the total time the safety car will be out on track. It’s just a shame that the plethora great opportunities that make for good reasons to take advantage of Belgian gambling laws and head on over to Bet365 can’t quite make up for the fact that Formula One is losing fans.

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