Woman Threatens to Set Off Explosives after Losing Money on Illegal Gambling

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A Chinese woman went into a fit of anger after losing money on gambling machines and threatened to set off explosives.

Things got out of hand last week at illegal gambling den located in Chongming County, when a Chinese woman who had just lost 130,000 Yuan (over $21,000) scared everyone by saying she would blow the place up. Her sudden fit of rage ended when her blood sugar went up, causing her to faint. The woman was taken to the hospital.

According to local gambling news, the 48 year-old woman first started playing betting machines last year, when a friend took her to a local game room to help her forget about a bad investment she had just made. Locals claim she got hooked when she started to earn money, then eventually became addicted and started to join illegal gambling circles.

Enraged over a broken gambling machine

The incident happened on February 28, when a gambling machine broke right as she was about to win. The woman got angry and picked a fight with the owner, who supposedly hit her on the head. That’s when she decided to buy firecrackers, put gunpowder inside them and threatened to blow up the place.

She was so enraged that her blood sugar went up and she eventually fainted. The police was called to the scene and officers took the firecrackers away from her. She was then sent to the hospital, where the police questioned her.

For now, authorities didn’t mention anything about bringing charges, even though the woman was clearly breaking Chinese gambling laws by playing at an illegal den.

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