World Cup In Qatar Safe If Qatar Is Still There In 2020

World cup in Qatar

Does the current crisis in the region mean that the World Cup in Qatar is under threat or will this all blow over long before the kick-off? With both sides sticking to their guns could this get serious in a hurry and if so is that sparkling sporting jewel for their crown likely to elude the Emir and his son?

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World Cup In Qatar

  • FIFA – 2020
  • Capital – Doha
  • Pop. – 2.25 million
  • Size – 11,586Km2
  • Terrain – Desert
  • GDP – $334.5 Billion

The publishing of the report into the bids of both Russia and Qatar to host the World Cup in 2018 and 2020 respectively was supposed to knock our socks off. Explosive new juicy details were expected given its author, Michael Garcia (a well known US prosecutor), had resigned claiming the summary of the report published by Hans-Joachim Eckert misrepresented it. So what had FIFA and its ethics committee been hiding? Well, as the World Cup in Qatar is concerned, next to nothing, apparently.


Qatar was found not to have bought votes although it had leaned awfully heavy on the patronage and schmoozing budget, the Emir and his son at the forefront of their bid. This will not be enough to have the competition moved and so the World Cup in Qatar will go ahead despite some of the practical issues that still beset it – like the temperature. However if you’re looking forward to placing a bet on sports in Qatar in but a few short years, beware, current events may well preclude the opportunity.

FIFA Clear Qatar, Saudi Arabia Have Other Ideas

If FIFA under Sepp Blatter resembled a criminal dictatorship, and it did, the current situation in Qatar looks a lot like that scene at the end of the Italian Job where Michael Caine says “I’ve got an idea.” as the bus hangs over the edge of the precipice the precious cargo in danger of sending all to their doom. The planet might look beyond the slave labor and construction deaths, the homophobia and support of terrorist organizations, but if there is to be a World Cup in Qatar there will actually need to be a Qatar in 2020.

Currently this looks possible but not certain. A blockade of the nation by the rest of the Gulf States seems in no danger of collapsing and the stranglehold is beginning to take effect on this small nation of barely two and a quarter million people. The latest flashpoint of the ongoing Saudi Arabia vs Iran power game in the region the spat was sparked when Qatar gave dubious people a billion dollars under an even more dubious pretext and now no one in Qatar gambling news of a settlement soon is paying attention.

World Cup In Qatar Worth Betting On At Bet365?

Sepp Blatter

Of course the joker in the pack is America who, under the Obama administration, could have been counted on to calm things down, but these days under Donald Trump (and with 10,000 troops in Qatar and seemingly no idea of who or where Qatar is) the future is less certain than once it was. You can say there’s lots of time, that there’s five years until the World Cup in Qatar, but if push comes to shove even a short military conflict would render that an absolute impossibility of reconstruction deadlines.


It was never the popular choice but the World Cup in Qatar has been given a vaguely clean bill of health by Garcia and if it can just see its way through the current crisis without causing a regional bloodbath it’ll be the jewel they’ve wanted all along. Of course anyone in Qatar gambling laws of karma might just catch up with the Emir at some point quite soon is almost certainly erring on the side of optimism however with this White House I wouldn’t be so sure a deal won’t be cut quite soon, one nearly as expensive as the “ransom” paid for the Royal family.

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