World’s First Food Casino Opens up in the UK

Food casino

You had full permission to play with your food at The Diner’s ‘Raise the Steaks’ event, which featured a pop-up food casino.

In UK gambling news, patrons could have a unique dining experience gambling for their dinner in the world’s first food casino. The Diner—a popular London chain—threw a charity event on December 8th which turned their Soho location into a casino where diners gambled with real chips and played terribly punny games like ‘Double or Muffin’.

The food casino operated like a real casino, with patrons needing to be of legal age to get in, but instead of playing for big money they played for a full American dinner that consisted of hamburgers, chips, milkshakes, and all the trimmings.

Pop-up food casino was a promotional event for a real online gambling site

Not just a charity event, The Diner’s food casino also worked as a promotional event for the launch of a 1950s-inspired British internet casino called 777. Explains organizer Finn Shalev: “777 is all about combining the good ol’ times of the 50s with the fun and thrills of a casino. There’s no better 50s icon than The Diner, and what could be better than combining an ‘all American’ food experience with the fun of classic casino games?”

The event was a success—for both The Diner and 777—and ran exactly as Shalev described: “Food is the currency and guests will bet with chips (actual chips) to try to win milkshakes, sides, and even steaks from the menu. Guests who run low on chips, either through hunger or unlucky bets, will be able to buy back in for a £5 donation to Cancer Research UK.”

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