Worst Excuses Ever Used in Football: Lionel Messi Begging for Forgiveness

Messi Ban Argentina

Do you know those people who never take responsibility for their acts? Who try to prove that they are perfect and are incapable of admitting they have made a mistake? And instead of manning up and admitting it, they come up with the worst excuses ever. Lionel Messi failed to act like a grown up man.

Online betting news in Argentina have been furious about the 4-match ban that has been given to Lionel Messi by FIFA. We also mentioned it earlier how he cussed at the referee in an obvious moment of anger. However, as we are living in a post truth world, Messi also tries to take advantage of the impossible political stories of nowadays: he is refusing to admit that it actually happened.

What are the facts?

The facts: Lionel Messi and Argentina were not playing particularly well against Chile. Argentina has had some pretty bad memories as they lost two consecutive Copa America finals to Chile. And another fact is that Lionel Messi was looking at the referee screaming “f*ck you and f*ck your mother too.” FIFA gave ihm a 4-match ban. Messi thinks it is an unjust punishment.

What’s the excuse for such a behaviour?

Thinking about the unfair decision by FIFA, one of the greatest football players of all time has decided to write a letter to the Federation of International Football Association. Why? Because he hopes that his ban will be lifted. Because it’s not fair to ban him from 4 match just for sending the referee back to his mother’s c*nt.

“I wasn’t telling it to the referee. I was just yelling in the air, without any purpose of offending anyone. I didn’t damage the spirit of fair play. The videos do not prove that I had said that to the assistant referee. An edited video should not be a valid proof for such a decision” – reasoned the well-behaving good boy with one of the worst excuses ever.

However this story goes down, we can only hope that online sportsbooks like Paddy Power are getting ready to make it possible for us to bet on Messi ban getting lifted as a result of his genius letter. Because cheap excuses are used for a reason: they do actually work from time to time.

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