Worst Gambling Scams Ever – Avoid Scams In 2023


Posted: December 20, 2022

Updated: December 20, 2022

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In this article, we are going to talk about the worst gambling scams ever. However, we are not going to talk about historical events. Therefore, this is a generalization of these scams. The reason why we are not giving you examples is that we want this to be educational. Because these scams might reappear on different devices. For example, the scammy loot boxes promising a Yeezy drop are no different from fake cs: go skin raffles. Therefore, we are trying to help you understand how to recognize these scams.

We have a dictionary of online gambling sites in the US. These are all safe operators to register with. Because they have a license that proves their credibility. Furthermore, they all come with their unique brand. In conclusion, we have collected trustworthy and safe operators for you.

Backdoor Slot Programs – Worst Gambling Scams Ever

Let’s start the article with something that wasn’t scamming gamblers. Therefore, this is one of the many instances where casinos are getting scammed. This is not a unique phenomenon. For example, one of the worst gambling scams ever was when beautiful women distracted men while they used laser devices to calculate roulette results. However, we have even more twisted stories.

worst gambling scams ever
Picture Source: Flickr

According to Quora, the programmers of old casinos have implemented a sequence code into all of the machines. This code was extremely hard to figure out, and one needed to practice it to get it right. Therefore, this code has enabled the slot machine to roll without requiring payment. This way, the programmer and his crew became insanely rich. The incident became popular in the Trump Taj Mahal casino.

CS: GO Skins

Let’s move on to probably one of the most disturbing phenomena of 2015. If you are a man of culture, then you probably played League of Legends. Therefore, you probably remember scummy streamers like PhantomL0rd. This guy was one of the greatest douches on Twitch.TV has ever seen. Therefore, he and his ex-girlfriend have built up a positive atmosphere for their fans. 

However, they have urged both adult and underage people to join their new website. This was one of the first CS: GO skin raffle websites. However, a huge drama has emerged from it. Because it turns out that he has been actively speaking with a programmer to request manipulated results on stream. According to Games Industry, we still have streamers scamming viewers with gambling in 2023. 

Mystery Loot Boxes

There were similar cases to the last example. Therefore, this is a little different. Keep in mind, loot boxes and mystery boxes are not just gamer issues. Because we have the whole UK loot box regulations going on with politicians. Therefore, it is a serious issue.

worst gambling scams ever
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

Let us bring up the example of Youtubers promoting either video game loot boxes or real-life mystery boxes. These were usually costing a fortune in the long term. These belong to the worst gambling scams ever. 

They always offer state-of-the-art collectibles. However, more than often they offer cheap things. Video games can exploit the psychology behind them. Because they can give you skin and say that it is a rare thing. However, when you buy mystery boxes, things will get real. Everyone hates expecting a Yeezy but getting a VGA HDMI converter cable.

Gambling Blessings – Worst Gambling Scams Ever

There is one thing to not being religious. However, exploiting religious people is probably one of the worst gambling scams ever. This is why gambling blessings and gambling prayers are a little unethical. Suggesting such prayers is completely normal and healthy. However, selling these blessings and prayers is heavily unethical. Therefore, there is a huge difference between a Buddhist Prosperity Mantra and a phone-in blessing request.

worst gambling scams ever
Picture Source: Hippopx

Most of the time these phone-in scammers are targeting older generations. If you have been one of the many who paid for such services. Then let us introduce you to an article where we have the Dyuta Krida explained instead. All in all, selling spells, prayers, and prosperity is heavily unethical. It is a blessing to have websites such as MyBookie.Ag Casino.

Lottery Jackpot Phone Calls

We talked about phone-in scams. However, there are also incoming calls that seek to scam you. However, this is number one on the list of worst gambling scams ever. Because they usually work as individual criminals. Therefore, they acquire a phone book of people who have been buying lottery tickets. Once they have this book, all they have to do is to pick up a phone and call the elderly people who have bought a lottery ticket.

This is terrible because we all know that age comes with vulnerability to technology and law. Therefore, they will call these vulnerable people. They will request their credit card information, claiming that they have won the Jackpot of the lotto ticket they have purchased. Often, they build a relationship to exploit loneliness and weakness too. According to the NYC Criminal Lawyer, this falls under the category of fraud as well.

How To Be Successful Books

Now that we have mentioned the lottery book scam. Let’s also talk about books. Because some of them are the worst gambling scams ever. Therefore, if you see books talking about the ways to be successful in a raffle. Please never buy those books. We have a list of great books on our website. However, some books are just ridiculous. For example, there are instances when someone legitimately wins the lottery.

worst gambling scams ever
picture Source: Public Domain Pictures

Then they invest their winnings to write a book about how they won the lottery. Let us shorten the read for you: They were lucky. That’s all. You have a fair chance at winning. But in exchange, you also have fair chances of losing. No matter whether you pick cold or hot numbers. Most of the draws are just pure luck.

Alt Coins – Worst Gambling Scams Ever

Finally, let us talk about the most recent and worst gambling scams ever. These are the altcoins. While cryptocurrency is still a volatile thing. They have a function, value, and worth. However, some altcoins are not going to give you anything good. Therefore, we had alt coins promising a great return.

However, when it has reached the highest number of investors. The owner suddenly disappeared. Many people had their invested cash fall down to the value of ~ $0,00001. This is the perfect example of the phenomenon explained in the satire of gambling and crypto in South Park. If you are looking for great gambling deals, we recommend you register at MyBookie.Ag Casino.

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