WSL Men’s Championship 2019 Predictions

  • Gabriel Medina, the current number 1 has a very competitive gear
  • number 2 Julian Wilson came to an understanding of what it takes for him to perform
  • youngster John John Florence has a golden ticket for the elite class
WSL Men's Championship 2019 Predictions

WSL Men’s Championship 2019 predictions suggest a very tight race coming up this spring. All the big names in surfing will compete. The Men’s Championship Tour will feature competitors from ten different nations. World number 1. Gabriel Medina is certainly in the limelight of the event. According our suggestion you should bet on Gabriel Medina or Julian Wilson. John John Florence also has good potential.

The WSL Men’s Championship Tour  will feature competitors from ten different nations. Altogether 34 surfers will compete, including:

  • 11 Brazilian surfers
  • 8 Australian athletes,
  • 4 American competitors
  • 4 Hawaiian surfers
  • 2 French wave riders
  • 1-1 surfer from  South Africa, Tahiti, Japan, Italy, and New Zealand.

Kelly Slater and John John Florence received the two golden tickets for the elite class of 2019, since they reported long injuries.

WSL Men’s Championship 2019
# Surfer Odds
1. Gabriel Medina 3.75
2. John John Florence 4.50
3. Filipe Toledo 6.00
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Gabriel Medina is by far the most popular surfer today

The 24-year-old Medina just claimed his second World Surf League title in Hawaii. Therefore, he became the first Brazilian to win two world surfing crowns. From the beginning, Medina stood out with his high-flying acrobatic approach. Over the past years, earned more Championship Tour victories than any other competitor.

In Brazil, Medina is considered a national hero. Actually, the young idol just signed a deal to become a global ambassador for beer brand Corona. In fact, the surfer already endorses Guaraná, the soft drinks brand.

Gabriel Medina
Gabriel Medina

John John Florence, grew up on Oahu beach, has all the experience

The Hawaiian prodigy is very lucky in terms of the location of his home. His backyard just happens to be the most famous wave in the world. North Shore of Oahu is known for its big waves. No surprise, by the age of 12 he mastered a wide variety of ocean conditions.

His throughout ocean knowledge gives Florence all the tools to become the best surfer in the world one day. John John Florence loves competition and adrenaline in the water. Additionally, hand the surfer is into documenting his journey. Filming is another passion of his, that is why he is creating a series about his tour.

Julian Wilson is more determined to win this race, more than ever

Julian Wilson
Julian Wilson

Julian Wilson had his rookie year in 2011. The Australian earned global recognition due to his aerial maneuvers and razor-sharp moves. He is one of the most highly regarded talents on the Championship Tour ever since. Indeed, the surfer has five Championship Tour victories to his name.

Wilson admitted that he is having a surf thinking just about everything. Above all, it’s all about being in the moment of the heat. The conditions in the water can change every hour, depending on tide and wind. That is Wilson’s favorite thing about surfing. Additionally, the surfer actively cares for his local community. What is more, he even established a breast cancer awareness programs.

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