WSOP 2024 Info – How To Practice For The WSOP Main Event?


Posted: February 1, 2024

Updated: February 1, 2024

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There are countless amounts of information we can learn about poker and the WSOP. However, to make it simple we just brought you the latest WSOP 2024 info instead! Join us, practice together, and let’s learn the dates and the upcoming tables. The main event is going to begin during Summer in Las Vegas and until then. Perhaps playing low-buying tables and practicing online is the best choice of action.

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Today we are going to provide you with the latest available WSOP 2024 info. We will include locations, schedules, and general answers to the most frequently asked questions. Join us if you are a fan of online poker sites in the US! And if you haven’t tried yet, you may always use our country selector and register at your locally legal, trustworthy, and reliable sites. Our collection only contains prestigious operators with years and years of experience.

The WSOP tournaments always start online. Meaning that you do not have to visit any locations as a beginner. Just play casual poker, learn the point where you win most of the time, and then try your hands at receiving a bracelet that invites you to one of the offline events!

Introduction To The WSOP 2024 Info

Before we begin, let us establish the general information about the WSOP! According to the Review-Journal, they have announced the 2024 season and locations. And it seems we are back in Las Vegas! With so many events happening in Vegas this year, we are sure that people are more interested in traveling to Vegas than ever. However, as we all explained, the event begins online. So for now, you do not have to purchase a plane ticket to Sin City.

There will always be WSOP events outside of Las Vegas, where you may get an opportunity to receive an invitation or even a bracelet! The WSOP is short for “World Series of Poker” and pretty much it is the world championship, or at least the United States regional for Poker. It is among the most prestigious events in the genre! Register at Juicy Stakes to start practicing.

How to get a wsop bracelet

Announced Schedule

When you are planning to watch, follow, or even attend the WSOP, then you have to prepare on time. The event is not going to wait for you, and for many, it includes a huge plan for travel and taking time off work. According to the WSOP, we have the following schedule available right now:

24 individual events are running, ranging on different buy-ins and formats in which you may qualify for further events. These are going to happen at: Mar 21s, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, W7th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st. Keep in mind that these events are not each other’s continuation. Some of them are running at the very same time. Since this isn’t Summer yet, we do not have a bracelet event available yet.

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Who Should Join? – WSOP 2024 Info

According to Reddit, the Main Event begins on July 3rd. Meaning that you should arrive at least one day before the event. It means that whoever is visiting WSOP, has to be a person who can free up July 2nd, and at least two weeks following the starting day. We have written a full WSOP Player Guide which will prepare you for everything. But there is one question remaining: Who should join?

The answer is pretty straightforward: Those who are extremely interested in watching the games, or those who have received a WSOP bracelet. There will be events where you can play. They will likely host a dealer’s tournament again too. However, not anyone can sign up for the main event. You will find tables where you may win a WSOP bracelet for the invitation tables, or you could just play casual tournaments hosted by the WSOP during the downtime.

WSOP in las vegas in 2024

The Online VS Offline Events

Generally speaking, when we are talking about the WSOP the whole process might be chaotic for a beginner. Thus, we do not recommend beginners to try their hands at receiving a WSOP bracelet. Even if they become lucky, chances are that they are not prepared for the big sharks yet. However, for those experienced in poker, you can easily win the first invitations! Just take a look at the first WSOP winner of 2023. You do not have to be an established poker celebrity to win, and there are new faces every single year.

But it is important to thoroughly study all of the WSOP 2024 Info before you would consider playing high-stakes on the greatest poker tournament of all time. Generally, the event is also going to be broadcast and streamed. Thus, you don’t have to worry about missing out on it.

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How To Prepare? – WSOP 2024 Info

You pretty much know everything by now, but when you are planning competitive poker, you will need much more than your skills! It is worthwhile to start working out already and implement a diet. Trans fat is going to increase the chance of a headache, and you should not lose a huge WSOP event due to being a foodie! You can also start to practice common things such as counting cards, making the best poker face, and of course, bluffing!

While the latter should always be practiced with the other person knowing, it’s still something you have to refine. Prepare yourself for jet lag and also the fact that the time zones are going to be different unless you are already living near Nevada. Take a look at our list of the best hotels for the WSOP!

Poker guide for wsop 2024

Where To Practice Poker Online?

Now that we have discussed the WSOP 2024 info, you can join us and practice together for the event. We are already playing at the low buy-in tables on the online platforms. It is important to balance out your practice, private life, and of course your sleep and diet. In case you have everything, then you should try to go for the WSOP! However, if you feel like just practicing this year and watching the stream, that’s probably for the best! Always go by your intuition and follow the combination of mind and heart!

For a great practice, we recommend you to register at Juicy Stakes! An online platform that is the most ideal to prepare you for the WSOP games. Once you are a professional at Juicy, you should consider transferring over to the WSOP platforms.

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