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Posted: December 14, 2022

Updated: December 14, 2022

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The World Series of Poker bracelet is the most prestigious award in the poker world because it represents the best player. Most poker players dream of winning at least one. Since the first event in 1970, millions have tried, but only a few hundred have succeeded. Let’s see our WSOP poker bracelet guide!

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WSOP Poker Bracelet Guide

Beautiful, unique, expensive, and priceless to some, the bracelet earned at the WSOP is the measure of success in the world of poker. Though, it is not easy to win such a bracelet. However, some players won plenty of them. Such a poker player is Phil Hellmuth, who holds the record with 15 bracelets, followed by three players with ten bracelets each: Doyle Brunson, Johnny Chan, and Phil Ivey. When they introduced the first bracelets at the 1976 WSOP, they cost about 500 dollars to produce. 

Over the years, the design has changed several times, but the concept remained the same. In other words, those who win a bracelet make poker history. Today, a WSOP bracelet is worth $5000 or, according to some, $1500. Last year, they put together the bracelet with 40 different parts and contained 427 grams of white and yellow gold.

However, the bracelet also included 356 white, 626 black diamonds, and 194 rubies. Winning a bracelet is the equivalent of winning an Oscar, but a small fortune also goes with it. In the early days of the WSOP, the players did not consider those important.

Doyle Brunson, a former professional poker player who won ten bracelets during his career, admitted that he never even collected two. However, over the years, the bracelets increased in value. Phil Hellmuth, who has won more than anyone else in poker history, claimed to value the bracelet due to their historical significance. There is no explanation why WSOP bracelets are more attractive to some than titles or great statistics, but as long as they’re available, winning them will be one of the most exciting challenges.

WSOP Bracelet Events

We listed some of the most famous events in this WSOP bracelet guide. When its popularity started to increase rapidly as online poker became available, they wanted to earn bracelets. For decades, the WSOP took place in Las Vegas, but that changed in 2007 when they introduced the World Series of Poker Europe in London. Ever since then, the WSOP brand has continued to expand, and so did the opportunities to win bracelets at the WSOP Asia-Pacific, the WSOP Global Championship, and even online. 

In 2015, the WSOP organized its first online bracelet event, where almost 1000 players entered. In the next five years, the number of online bracelet competitions grew, especially since 2020. However, it is also true that a WSOP bracelet owner is no longer a member of a small elite group, there are too many of them. So it means that its value lessens. Today it is much harder to win a bracelet due to the number of participants, though there are many opportunities. Check them all out at 888poker!

WSOP Poker Bracelet Guide

The introduction of high-roller tournaments such as the $50,000 Players Championship or the $1,000,000 One Drop ensures the truly elite winners. Like true gamblers, the best players place bets on which of them will win them.

They also started participating in $1000 buy-in tournaments and bet huge amounts on their own victories. So they can win big with bracelets even if the prize isn’t that high, at least for them. More and more people think that bracelets are bait to attract players. No matter what, owning at least one is still the greatest achievement.

According to online gambling sites in the US , today, Benny Binion’s legacy is one of the oldest, most famous, and most prestigious poker competitions in the world. No doubt, its future will be just as bright. However, its most significant achievement has been to bring poker to thousands of people, either as spectators or players. Poker is one of the most popular casino games in the world, and the WSOP wins and bracelets are the greatest acknowledgments.

What is a WSOP Bracelet Worth?

While for some, it is a priceless trophy, for others, it is just a piece of expensive jewelry. A very good example of this is Joseph Di Rosa Rojas from Venezuela, who in 2017 won the huge $2,620 No Limit Hold’Em Marathon event and took home $690,469 in addition to the bracelet. However, the bracelet probably didn’t interest him, and after a year, it appeared on eBay at a bid price of $3,000.

The ad claimed that it was his prize from the 2017 WSOP event. It showed no sign of wear and still had the original $4,999.99 price tag. Rojas has never commented on the matter, and most online gambling sites in the US believe he is probably bankrupt.

In the WSOP bracelet guide, we also have to mention the charitable auctions. There have been cases in the past when selling a championship bracelet was due to a noble cause. Max Pescatori sold one of his four bracelets to raise money for his hometown in Italy, which was hit by a powerful earthquake. Tom McEvoy’s 1983 WSOP ME championship prizes were also sold for charity for $13,500.

However, the record holder is Peter Eastgate, who sold his 2008 WSOP ME bracelet for $147,500, which he then donated to UNICEF. Though not only the players can get rich there! Check out the poker dealer salaries!

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