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Yankee Betting Explained

You have several wagering options available, and Yankee betting is one of them. The point of Yankee betting is that it involves 11 bets, which you can place for the outcome of four different sporting events. Thanks to this unique betting format, it’s enough if you guess only two correctly to win money. Scroll down to read our article about Yankee betting explained!

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Yankee Betting Explained

As we have mentioned, you can win with two correct wagers. Although it’s less money than you would get for four winning bets, it’s still more than one in a traditional wager, where, if you guessed the result wrong, you lost everything. The best part of Yankee betting is that you can hand-pick the bets and put together the betting slip on your own. So, you can figure out which four events you want to bet on, Though don’t forget that since we are talking about a wager containing 11 bets, it costs more than a traditional one. Check it out at online sportsbook sites in Germany!

How Does It Work?

As you already know, a Yankee bet means 11 bets on the outcome of four sporting events freely chosen by the bettor. It consists of six doubles, four trebles, and a four-fold accumulator, of which you have to pick two correctly to win. What does it mean to have six doubles, four trebles, and a four-fold accumulator? Imagine it as if you have six slips.

Each has two wagers on them, four tickets containing three, and one has all four events. Rumor has it that Yankee betting got its name after an American soldier, who only played low stakes in the UK, but since he guessed all four outcomes, he won back several times those small amounts!

Yankee Betting Explained
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Since the title of this article is Yankee betting explained, let’s take a look at this through an example because it’s a complicated betting option, and we want you to understand it. Let’s say, you are betting on the following four teams: A, B, C, and D. You have six 2-Team parlays with these pairs: AB, AC, AD, BC, BD, and CD.

Your four 3-Team parlay looks like this: ABC, ABD, ACD, and BCD, and finally, you have one slip left: ABCD. As you can see, with the last ticket, you will surely win. However, if a single team only wins out of the four, then none of your slips will win in the combination bet, so you need at least two hits. If, say, Team C wins, all of your tickets where Team C has been involved have a chance to win, so it must be apparent that, if you are lucky, you can have up to 11 winning slips.

Yankee Betting Explained

In addition, if Team C is successful, your winnings can continue to grow. This means, that if you bet on Team B with a 3x multiplier and Team C has a 4x multiplier, you will win the stake four times and pass it on to Team B, your original bet and three added winnings. If Team B also wins, your winnings will continue to grow. Three times four means that you will earn a twelve times bigger winning. The method is the same as the other parlay bets as well. 

Yankee Betting Explained
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To summarize the above, the number of winnings in a Yankee bet can vary quite a bit, depending on the odds of the teams you choose and their results. If you play based on instinct or being partial toward a team, your winnings might decrease. Although, if you guess three or four outcomes right, your prize will be brutally good. In the case of small multipliers, your chances of winning are significant, but the number of winnings can be less, so there is plenty to consider before you bet. That is Yankee betting explained! 

Let’s take a look at an average bet to see the differences. Let’s say that Team A has a 2x multiplier, and Team B has a 4x multiplier. If both win, you will get six times as much as you bet originally, which is not bad. Another example is when Team A has a 2x multiplier, but Team B has a 16x multiplier. In this case, if Team A and Team B are both successful, your winning will increase 30 times, which is crazy good. For more details, look 22Betup! 

Yankee Betting Explained – Pieces of Advice

Combined betting significantly increases your chances of winning more. However, if you pick your teams and events well, you can make an incredible profit. You don’t even have to do the calculations. As there are plenty of calculators available on the internet that come in handy if you don’t have round numbers. So, if you bet on less likely teams or the odds are not round numbers, be sure to check in advance what your expected winnings are, depending on the numbers of bets and odds. 

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Also, pay attention to finding the best odds available on the market. So that you can maximize your winnings with a Yankee 11 bet. Registering on more than one betting site is always a good idea to keep track of the odds. Follow the sports news, their teams, and the individual players on social media for inside information. Placing the right bet is essential in Yankee betting since if you win, you win big. Check out online sportsbook sites in Germany to get as much information as you can get, and look up other bet types because this is only one of them. Also, read more articles like Yankee betting explained and get acquainted with more combination bets.

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