Online Gambling Sites in Morocco - July 2024

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Gambling Laws in Morocco 

Gambling in Morocco is legal in most of its variety. The Moroccan gambling legislation is composed of several specialized laws, but the legalization of most forms of gambling in the country is due to a letter from the Prime Minister to the Reviver of Tourism. The letter specifically authorizes the legalization and licensing of casino gambling. To obtain a license for providing gambling activities (mainly casino games), a decree must be signed and agreed upon by the Prime Minister, the Minister of the Interior, and the Minister of Finance. A decree signed by the foregoing must state the opening date of the gambling facility and the games permitted under the license. Other laws include the decrees for the establishment of the national lottery known as the “Law n ° 23-71 relating to the National Lottery and the authorized lotteries” which function as main lottery law in the country. Online gambling is also considered to be legal but only regarding betting and lotto games. The rest of the online sector is still rather unregulated. The regulatory body of the land-based activities in the country is an administrative unite within the Moroccan Ministry of Finance. The legal functioning of the online gambling sector is also supervised by the same unit. According to Moroccan gambling laws minors, under 18 years of age are prohibited to participate in gambling activities.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Morocco?

Some forms of online gambling, such as online betting and lotto games are legal in Morocco.

Online Casinos in Morocco

There are 5 licensed land-based casino operators in Morocco, as of November 2018. The family-owned Es Saddi Resort, Casino de Marrakech, is a popular and historically significant casino in Morocco, which opened in 1954 while the country was still under French rule. However, none of the land-based casinos has launched online casino in Morocco. Foreign internet casino sites are freely accessible from the country, as the online casino sector seems to be rather unregulated.

Online Poker in Morocco

Poker in Morocco is a very popular pastime, with most of the casinos regularly offering attractive poker tournaments. Regarding online poker, however, there are no specific Moroccan online poker laws. There are also no specialized, licensed, online poker sites in Morocco, as of November 2018. However, online poker can still be played on some of the foreign online casino sites freely accessible from the country.

Online lottery in Morocco

Although there are no specific Moroccan online lottery laws, the regulations derived from the Law no.23-71 , serve as a basic legal framework within which Loterie Nationale offers its lotto products. Loterie Nationale, formed in 1971, holds a license for organizing online lottery in Morocco, too. However, as of November 2018 they have not launched any of their games online, beside the legal status of online lotto games. Some of their most popular  lotto games offered through land-based shops include Pick’n’Play, Quatro and Keno.

Online bingo in Morocco

There are no specific Moroccan online bingo laws. Therefore, online bingo in Morocco is considered to be unregulated. As of November 2018, there are no specialized sites for online bingo in Morocco. Bingo rooms, licensed elsewhere, can easily be accessed from the country.

Online sports betting in Morocco

Online sportsbook sites in Morocco are legal and highly popular. The regulation of the betting sector in the country is also supervised by units in the Ministry of Finance. There is only one supplier of online betting opportunities on the Moroccan market, as of November 2018: the Marocaine des Jeux et des Sports (MDJS). Since its creation in 1962, the MDJS holds the monopoly of the organization and the exploitation of the sports betting sector. Some of the most famous games they currently offer on the market include Cote Sport and Toto Foot. Foreign internet sportsbook sites are actively being blocked by the authorities.

Online daily fantasy sports in Morocco

Online DFS sites in Morocco do not have a legally regulated status. There is an ongoing debate on the status of this type of game, but considering the legality of online sports betting in the country it is very probable that internet Daily Fantasy Sports would soon  receive a legal status in Morocco.