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Gambling in Morocco

Most forms of gambling are legal in Morocco. Casino style gambling is legal and players can enjoy a full range of games from poker and blackjack to craps and roulette at Moroccan casinos. Some sports gambling is also allowed and Moroccan players are given several different ways to place wagers on sporting events.

Overall, due to the relaxed gambling legislation, Morocco and especially the city of Marrakech have emerged as a gambling hotspot in Africa, hosting a growing number of Poker Tournaments such as the Marrakech Poker Open and the Marrakech Poker Cup and even serving as one of the sports destinations for the World Poker Tour.

In 2012 it was reported that roughly 3 million Moroccans – almost 10 percent of the population – partake in some form of gambling. However, since the recent revolution which has brought Islamists to power it looks like some moves are going to be made in order to limit gambling opportunities for locals. In 2012 telecommunications minister Mustapha al-Khalfi expressed outrage at the popularity of live television gambling, going so far as to threaten resignation if the parliament did not pass a ban on gambling on state television. Currently no such ban has been passed, however.

Online Gambling in Morocco

Online gambling in Morocco has become a reality and shows major potential for growth. Many Moroccans play online casino games offered by operators in Western countries, some of which offer games in the Arabic language.

Two national sports lottery internet services were introduced during the summer of 2009. However, there are currently no Moroccan internet casinos.

Many people expected the introduction of the sports lotteries to mark the opening of a larger online casino industry, but progress is yet to be made.
Until their introduction, Moroccans will continue to play at foreign online gambling sites, where players can enjoy online poker and other real-money casino games.