You Can Now Bet on a Packers vs. Patriots Super Bowl

Super Bowl betting 2017

There are still 4 teams left in the season, but you can bet on a Packers vs. Patriots Super Bowl taking place in a few weeks.

The last two games of the 2017 NFL playoffs are set to take place this weekend, and football fans are busy debating who will end up in the Super Bowl. NetBet Sportsbook has already set the betting lines for this weekend’s games. Let’s take a look at the favorites.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Green Bay Packers

The Packers managed to pull off the upset last weekend by defeating the Dallas Cowboys 34-31 on the road. They started off strong, but began to fade late in the game to allow Dallas back. Finally, it was a crucial field goal from Mason Crosby that earned them the win.

Atlanta, meanwhile, proved most online sportsbooks in the UK correct by defeating the Seattle Seahawks 36-10. Aside from a quick touchdown scare in the first few minutes of the game, Atlanta was never really in trouble, showing off a well-rounded game both defensively and offensively to earn the win.

Super Bowl Betting Odds

  • New England Patriots: 13/10
  • Atlanta Falcons: 5/1
  • Green Bay Packers: 9/2
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: 9/2

Now these two teams are set to play this Sunday in what is likely the toughest game to predict this entire season. The Packers are without a doubt the hottest team in the league at the moment, and are coming off one of their season-best games. The Packers odds to beat Atlanta currently sit at 8/5. If they are victorious, it’s likely we’ll see a Packers vs. Patriots Super Bowl.

Atlanta may be the NFL betting favorite in this one, but they are certainly in for a challenge. Matt Ryan is one of the front runners to win the MVP this year, and Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman have also been key players. Atlanta’s odds to win are currently set at 20/41, according to NetBet Sportsbook.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New England Patriots

The Steelers are one of the biggest underdogs to win the Super Bowl this year, but they have a real shot at making UK gambling news and stepping into their 4th Super Bowl game in the past 11 years. Ben Roethlisberger didn’t look great against the Chiefs on Sunday, going 20-31 on passes with 1 interception. Now, the Steelers odds’ to bet the Patriots currently sit at 2/1.

Steelers QB 2017

Ben Roethlisberger has been a key to the Steelers’ success for years (photo:

The betting favorite to win the Super Bowl this year, New England has been absolutely dominant this season, winning their past 8 games including an impressive victory over the Texans on Sunday. The last time the Patriots played the Steelers was in late October, and they easily won 27-16. NetBet Sportsbook lists the Patriots odds to win on Sunday at 5/13, and their odds to win a Packers vs. Patriots Super Bowl at 13/10.

Super Bowl Outright Betting Odds

As we said before, there are only 4 teams left in the season, and all the Super Bowl betting odds are already set. The Patriots are leading the odds to win at 13/10.

Behind the Patriots are the Atlanta Falcons, who’s odds to win the Super Bowl are currently set at 5/2.

The last two teams are the Packers and Steelers, who’s odds are identical at 9/2 to win the Super Bowl.

Do you think we will see a Packers vs. Patriots Super Bowl? Who will win it all? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below, and make sure to check out NetBet Sportsbook for a full list of NFL betting odds!

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