You Must Enter To Win The Lottery, Unless You Steal It

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  • Some Multiple Wins & Some Multiple Winners
Win The Lottery

You have more chance than ever to win the lottery these days. Or at least a lottery. There are now so many in so many varieties they’re almost ubiquitous. You need Lotto Agent just to find the best lottery to play amongst them. However as these games have multiplied and spread in scope, lottery news stories have also increased. Sometimes because people have won lots, sometimes because lots have won and sometimes just because lots were taken by masked men in Memphis.

You can now try to win the lottery entirely at your own discretion. Once lotteries were the preserve of states or nations, deciding when and how one might get the opportunity. These days everyone has one. From decimation through to the draft lotteries have not always had the best of reputations. Now they’re charitable, fun and just about everywhere you look. Which means you’re never too far away from a win. In theory. Even state usage has changes in tenor over time.

They got rid of the draft, but the Diversity Visa Program rolls on. The huddled masses yearning to break free now enter the green card lottery not New York harbor. Just ask the 10% of Albanians who entered this year, supposedly. Indeed perhaps that has claim to being one of the most progressive jackpot lotteries of all. Certainly, no prize at Lotto Agent could outweigh the value of that win. But, 10% of an entire nation? That can’t be right, can it? Well, why not?  

Lucky Seven Or A Lack Of Imagination?

You’d not believe so many people bought identical lottery tickets for the same draw, but they do. Stories of people winning multiple times because they’ve several winning tickets are entirely common now. And, of course, each time those lucky few hit the headlines even more people rush out to do the same. Which, given the math involved, is just a bit weird. Still, all sorts of people win the lottery, because all sort of people enter. Although perhaps not as uniquely as believed. 

“It feels good, no doubt about it.”

  • William Newell – 20 time lottery winner 

When a lottery machine pumped out 7-7-7-7 as the winning numbers South Carolina discovered there were 1,400 winning tickets. Sure, individually they weren’t one of the best lottery jackpots ever, but in total they’re paying out $3.5m on that draw. Although playing 7-7-7-7 now doesn’t appear very individual now, does it? Great minds think alike, perhaps? Or just that old ‘lucky seven’ superstition? You decide. After all, now you can try to win the lottery your way, right?

Win The Lottery

Masked Men Can’t Steal Your Ticket At Lotto Agent

Well yes, but of course, there will always be a few people who take this too far. They’re not content to keep track of their entries at Lotto Agent. They don’t want to take their chance to win the lottery along with everyone else. Criminals have always targeted lotteries. Scams are quite regular, if often foiled. However, in Memphis two men decided the best way to win the lottery was to steal it, or at least the tickets. They simply helped themselves to the boxes on the counter.

“I thought I was seeing things.” 

  • Sean Irwin – Lottery winner 

Perhaps that’s the best sign of just how common lotteries now are. What does it say if you can walk into a store at 7:20am and simply run off with massive numbers of tickets? Evidently, the store wasn’t overly concerned with securing them. This is something you can just bet on even the best lotto jackpot reviews mentioning constantly. Because as lotteries touch more and more on our lives so they become an ever greater reflection of what and who we are in all our guises.


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We take a look at how trying to win the lottery comes in nearly as many forms as lotteries themselves these days.

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