Youngest Duo in F1 History are Ready to Debut for Toro Rosso

Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz Junior

Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz Junior are going to become the youngest driver pairing in the history of Formula 1.

The Toro Rosso team believes in their two young drivers, despite having a combined age under 40. EU gambling news reported the words of team principal Franz Tost, who claimed that a month ago they were only rookies, but now they are mature enough to make their debut in the first race of the upcoming Formula 1 season.

The team principal has also talked about the quick growth the two kids have shown. Tost said that it was visible that Verstappen and the legendary rally driver’s son gained lots of confidence each day. He also highlighted the importance of the pre-season’s success, preparing the car and the drivers to be ready for racing when needed.

Toro Rosso made sure to have great practice sessions during pre-season

Online gambling sites in EU wrote about the words of James Key, the technical director of Toro Rosso, who explained what the plan for the pre-season was, “With two new drivers, we put them through a massive programme, aimed at giving them as much track time as possible, going through all the procedures that need to be well rehearsed for Melbourne.”

They have both done a competent job and we are encouraged by their attitude and approach. Now it’s time to put everything together and go racing. Is it enough? We must wait until Melbourne to have an answer, but so far we are happy and the drivers’ feedback has been positive” he added.

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