Your Poker Skills Really Are Skills, Say Dutch

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Amsterdam’s top court has ruled that poker is most definitely a game of skill, in the process putting to an end the seven year long trial of three men accused of organizing illegal poker tournaments.

Indeed, as the game has grown in popularity across Europe, this isn’t the first time poker fans have been hauled before the courts for allegedly breaking Dutch gambling laws. Luckily, the court has some common sense, and has come down on the sides of the individuals each time.

As such, many individuals are celebrating another step towards the legalization of Dutch poker rooms, yet some still urge caution.

Probably still a bad idea to organize a tournament, though

Experts are still telling individuals to step back from organizing tournaments in the country, however, with the Dutch government going through a series of changes when it comes to gambling.

Considering the massive fine they handed out to an illegal online casino recently, coupled with regular shut downs of poker tournaments, it seems that any legalization of gambling is still a long way off.

This ruling still offers poker fans hope for the future, but it has to be tinged with caution. Another judge could just as well declare that poker is a game of chance, although that would seem to go against the grain somewhat. Here’s hoping it never comes to that again, though I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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