An Austrian Invasion: How Casinos Austria Became a Major Player Across Europe

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When we think of European casinos, Austria is not a country that immediately comes to mind, however Austria not only houses one of Europe’s first casinos but the company Casino Austria has become one of the largest casino operators in the world.

With 12 casinos in Austria and another 29 land-based operations in 14 countries, Casinos Austria has become one of Europe’s most important names in the casino business.

The company that formed in 1967 has expanded both nationally and globally to offer its services in developing and managing casinos, as well as offering a number of entertainment venues and gaming products.

How did Casino Austria become such an institution in the gambling world?

The brief history of Austrian Casinos

The casino in Baden, Austria lays claim to being one of the first legal casinos in all of Europe. Although Venice also has a similar claim, Baden, which was constructed in 1765, is still one of Europe’s oldest and most beautiful casinos.

Monte Carlo might be the reigning queen of Europe’s casino scene, and Venice is where casino gaming all began, but Austria has been the quiet and graceful rising star in the Europe.

Austria got its first modern casino in 1934, when Casinos Austria were established, formerly under the name of Österreichische Casino AG, setting up its first casinos in Baden, Salzburg and Kithzbühel, with other Austrian casinos to follow.

Today, the Austrian company owns all 12 casinos in the country, after slowly building its reputation and brand up as being an elegant, sophisticated casino that everyone wants in on.

So it is hardly surprising that Casinos Austria became a household name in the casino industry at home and away.

Playing at home

Austria is not a very big country, so when you look at the map to see 12 casinos in operation the country’s casino density is rather impressive. All of the 12 casinos are run by Casinos Austria, who holds the exclusive license to operate in the Austria.

You can find casinos in pretty much any major Austrian town, with many of its casinos being located in beautiful historic buildings with a stylish ambience.

Casino gaming in Austria is slightly different to those you’d find in Las Vegas, for example. There is a semi-formal dress code that asks men to wear a jacket, but unlike some of the Monacan casinos there is no entry fee.

You’ll find all the classic games like Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker and even slots.

So what’s the secret to Casinos Austria’s success?

European domination

Casinos Austria might have begun in 1934, but its international subsidiary was only established in 1977, so that it could consolidate its international activities under one roof.

The company had already earned its reputation for good business conduct and quality over its 40 years of operation, which is part of Casinos Austria’s secret to its international expansion.

Learning the secrets of good casino trade on their home ground has given Casinos Austria the edge they needed to expand into other countries, by offering their years of experience to local teams abroad.

Other popular online casinos in Austria:

Winner Casino offers a host of top casino games with all their services integrated under one roof with the best design by Playtech.

View Casino offers live dealer table games with no games run on random number generators, a good place if you’re looking for a land-based casino feel.

Luxury Casino is provided by Microgaming with over 470 exciting for money games with a number of casino classics on offer.

The first international project undertaken by Casinos Austria was the establishment of its casinos in the Netherlands in 1976 and also opened the first casino behind the Iron Curtain in Budapest, Hungary in 1980.

The group’s success lies in their years of experience, which gets stronger year after year, since Casinos Austria open more casinos world wide, even as far as Australia.

It might seem like Casinos Austria is set on establishing an Austrian Gambling Empire, but the large casino group prides itself on working closely with local experts in the industry to help integration in that country.

Now their global network has expanded over contents and cruise ships, but it’s not the only boundary Casinos Austria has crossed.

Online expansion

Casinos Austria has also stretched its borders to include a national lottery, sports betting, video lottery terminals and also online gambling.

As online and mobile casinos take off, land-based operations need to become creative and get in on the game, otherwise they could get left behind in the cyber race.

Casinos Austria has not only succeeded in occupying Europe with territories in Australia and Egypt, but has also established itself as a respected online gaming platform.

Tipp3 is an online sportsbook in Austria run by Casino Austria, offering bets on football matches, alpine events and more, whereas Win2Day is a multichannel gaming platform run by Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries.

The latter site also has mobile gaming, with a selection of lottery games and casino classics, making it one of the best online casinos in Austria online casinos in Austria. Win2Day also has operations in Belgium, so maybe Casinos Austria are looking to dominate the European virtual market.

Casinos Austria function on a slow and steady scale to bring high quality products and services, but know when it’s the right time to expand.

As well as the online arena, they’ve also introduced Video Lottery Terminals to Austria, where their WINWIN outlets will offer modern gaming all over Austria’s eateries and bars.

If their casinos are anything to go by, it will only be a matter of time once Casinos Austria look to expand their virtual platforms to the rest of Europe. It will be slow and steady, but the Austrians are doing a good job with world domination so far.

With casinos located in Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Serbia, Switzerland and the UK, as well as casinos in other parts of the world, it’s safe to say that Casinos Austria are a serious player to contend with.

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