Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Actor Odds for Oscars 2018

Buckle up for the annual movie-lovers’ tradition. Ladies and gentlemen, the Academy Awards season has arrived! And we are here to break down the Best Actor odds for Oscars 2018.

March 4, 2018 marks the 90th Oscars. According to US online gambling news, Jimmy Kimmel will be this year’s host. We promise you an ultimate guide. So here it is. We will name the contenders who have the Best Actor odds for Oscars 2018! Believe it or not, in this race, we can easily distinguish the strong ones from the weak ones.

The Oscars love Daniel Day Lewis!

Daniel Day Lewis in Phantom Thread is among the top contenders. His Best Actor odds for Oscars 2018 at 11/1 mostly likely stem from his previous Oscars winning streaks. Day Lewis’ reputation for winning 3 Best Actor Oscars sums it all. As a bonus, Paul Thomas Anderson is also the director of Phantom Thread. Yes, the same director that helped Day Lewis won 2008 Oscars in the movie, There Will Be Blood.

Best Actor Odds

1990, 2008 and 2013 Oscars Best Actor (source: NY Daily News)

If he really won Best Actor in the Oscars 2018, it will be his fourth and last award since it’s rumored that he will retire from his acting career after this. It’s possible that the judge will become sentimental and give him an award as a goodbye gift.

Timothee Chalamet Praised by the Critics

Call Me by Your Name is a huge sensation. A film critic from Washington Post rated it by saying “There are three stars in Luca Guadignino’s beautiful new film: Armie Hammer, Timothee Chalamet and the northern Italian city of Crema.”

Timothee Chalamet’s performance in Call Me by Your Name took critically acclaimed to a whole new level. Since the movie came out, he won up to 10 Best Actor awards from multiple Film Critics Associations across the states. Online gambling sites in US also estimate Timothee Chalamet to have the second highest Best Actor odds for Oscars 2018 at 7/1.

Gary Oldman in a Good Old War Movie

Gary Oldman, the main actor in Darkest Hour, takes the lead by miles. In this movie, he portrays the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the dark times of World War II. According to online sportsbook sites in US, Gary Oldman has the highest Best Actor odds for Oscars 2018 at a staggering 13/100.

The synopsis of the Darkest Hour reads “The fate of Western Europe hangs on the newly-appointed British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who must decide to negotiate with Hitler, or fight on against incredible odds.” Judging by the synopsis, we already know that this movie is going to be in Oscar’s good graces.

Apart from this, Oldman’s dedication to the role makes him worthy of the Academy Awards. Just have a look at his physical transformations before and after. It’s shocking! Is this even the same person?

Best Actor Odds

Bet on Best Actor in the Oscars 2018!

As a summary, the bookies favorite to be Best Actor in the Oscars 2018 is no other than Gary Oldman (13/100). Trailing behind him in the distance are Timothee Chalamet (7/1) and Daniel Day Lewis (11/1). If you want to bet on Best Actor in the Oscars 2018, do so at Bwin Sportsbook!

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