Should You Bet On England To Win The Six Nations Again?

Bet on England to win Six Nations

Five weeks of the best Rugby in the Northern hemisphere are scant few days from beginning so it’s time to head on over to BetVictor and decide whether or not you believe England can win it again, whether they’ll get the Triple Crown or indeed that all hallowed Grand Slam they missed out on last time round. So should you bet on England to win the Six Nations? Probably. Well…..unless you’re Irish.

  • Is a bet on England to win the Six Nations at 5/6 the only sensible wager?
  • Could the Scots surprise everyone and beat those 8/1 odds they’re getting?
  • Does 1000/1 shot Italy stand a chance of winning the Six Nations?
  • Will the French, garnering 12/1, show more signs of improvement this year?

Now lets be clear from the off that the Six Nations tournament stirs deep seated passions in Rugby fans that high grade recreational pharmaceuticals bought by the gram can only ever hope to agitate even a little. Indeed it might appear at first glance that the organizers have merely invited Italy and France along to keep the four home nations, England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales, from misbehaving in front of “the guests”. This impression is not entirely inaccurate but shouldn’t stop you placing a bet on England to win the Six Nations.

Neither Italy nor France, for all their pains of improvement over the last few years stand much of a chance and that’s something the bookies like BetVictor reflect in the some what insulting odds their getting, this is particularly true for the Italians who don’t really deserve to be out at 1000/1 however little hope they actually have, and indeed a smart bet on sports in the UK may well be on them pulling off a surprise draw in their opening match going for about 50/1 right now, because you never know.

Are The Odds On The French And Italians Unfair?

The French garner about 12/1 to win the Six Nations which is a little unfortunate because of all the teams they’ve shown the most improvement and the best signs of more to come. Some pundits say it’s only a matter of time before their malaise is far behind them and the trophy in their sights. It’s just not going to happen this year. Wales too out at 12/1 shouldn’t really be considered an alternative to a bet on England to win the Six Nations because frankly that price is generous to say the least given their chances.

England to Win Six Nations

(source: Rugby Wrap Up)

Scotland can dream about it but at 8/1 you’re probably not going to get much joy of it, and a slip up against Wales in their opening match could spell the end before their challenge has begun, and a canny wager taking advantage of UK gambling laws could well be to speculative chance a few quid on the Welsh pulling off a draw. The Irish are up against the French in their first match and get a rather tempting 2/1 on being a better wager than to bet on England to win the Six Nations, but should you be tempted?

Bet On England To Win The Six Nations At BetVictor

Well if they don’t fall flat on their faces in the Stade de France, and perhaps if Italy and Wales play up against their opponents on the day, just perhaps that bet on England to win the Six Nations would be better placed on Ireland, who, lets face it, are hungry for this trophy like Donald Trump for a bedtime burger. Question is, can they really beat England who get just 5/6 odds of repeating last year’s win? The two only meet in their final match, and that could well be a winner-takes-all scenario for the Irish.

For England I’m relatively certain I’m not alone in the UK gambling news headlines of their low odds aren’t helping the team mentally prepare, they are, after all, sitting pretty. Not placing a bet on England to win the Six Nations would be almost churlish given their easy first game against Italy and their 6/4 chances of getting the Triple Crown anyway. As for that Grand Slam they’re 2/1 to snatch that too making them really very difficult to beat or ignore, so why do so? BetVictor have all the odds you need.

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