Youri Tielemans Transfer News: AS Monaco Can Not be the End of His Career…

Youri Tielemans New Club

Youri Tielemans transfer news are not going to be exciting this summer anymore. However, they might become much more interesting in a few years…

Because online betting news in Belgium believe in the talented Belgian youngster. Youri Tielemans just turned 20 in May. However, that doesn’t mean he would be one of the many inexperienced football youngsters: despite his young age, he already has over 135 league games in the Belgian first division as he has been a key member at Anderlecht.

Youri Tielemans broke another record as well: he is the youngest Belgian footballer ever to participate in a Champions League match: he debuted in the most prestigious tournament in club football at the age of 16. Moreover, his main duty on the field is not to score goals as he is a central midfielder, yet he has scored on 26 occasions for Anderlecht.

Youri Tielemans transfer news: next step is AS Monaco!

After more than 135 league games and 4 years of services, Youri Tielemans felt like it was time to move on and make his football to the next level. That’s why he accepted AS Monaco’s offer, so from next season on, he will be playing for the Ligue 1 title holders. Can he become the next big star that will leave AS Monaco for a record transfer fee? He already cost around €25 million according to the Youri Tielemans transfer news…

He definitely has the potential of becoming one of the most important future Belgian football stars. He is not the only one, however. Online sportsbooks in Belgium have quite an easy task when it comes to finding potential cracks in Belgium. For example, have you heard of Adrien Bongiovanni? Maybe him and Tielemans will lead Belgium to win a European Championship or even a World Cup some day…

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