YouTube Star Got Busted for Illegal Gambling Activities


Posted: February 9, 2017

Updated: October 6, 2017

Two YouTube stars from the United Kingdom were busted for illegal gambling activities. Interesting question, will that show a drop of their views?

Online gambling laws in the UK are quite strict and always have been like that. That is because their number one mission is to avoid illegal gambling activities. While they failed to do so in the case of the famous YouTube stars, they were capable of catching them and proving their crimes. However, the Nepenthez court case did not always seem like he was to blame…

The court saved the duo once before!

The Dylan Rigby – Craig Douglas duo has been accused of illegal gambling activities earlier and the Rigby – Nepenthez court case ended with the agreement that they were not to blame and they are not guilty. However, that decision has been changed since then and now they are both proven to be guilty. And they are to face a fine. And it’s not a small fine!

Will they survive such a fine?

I can’t possibly be aware of the economic situation of the two YouTube star, but they probably don’t have any financial problems. However, they might face some in the near future because they are to pay a huge fine. Craig Douglas owes to UK government GBP 91,000, while Dylan Rigby, also known as Ridley, will have to pay GBP 174,000.

What did they even do?!

They were not being so nice. The two YouTube star operated an online sportsbook in the UK without having the necessary licenses to do so. That way, players were not overviewed so even kids were allowed to play and bet and gamble, which is not only illegal but also very dangerous. In fact their site had children users and they were very well aware of the fact, but they did nothing against it because they didn’t want to reduce their income. And people like that do deserve to have to pay tens of thousands of pounds. Hopefully they learnt their lessons.

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