Zlatan Ibrahimovic Betting PSG Can Take Malmo Twice

PSG Malmo Zlatan Ibrahimovic betting angry

Loyalty is a wonderful thing but what happens when a hero long since gone returns to haunt his hometown? Well maybe Zlatan Ibrahimovic betting he’ll find out as his new team Paris St. Germain play Malmo FF his old team at which he honed the skills that have made him one of the most interesting strikers to watch in Europe today isn’t a silly wager. Of course, things don’t always go to plan, do they, Z?

Sitting down on Tuesday evening, snacks to hand, digital media stream on stand-by, I awaited the game between Paris St. Germain and Malmo FF by reading the somewhat effusive pre-match comments made by Zlatan Ibrahimovic betting it would be entertaining partly on the basis that he plays for PSG but hails from Malmo, but mostly because he plays well enough to have Suarez rip someone’s ear off, can be as grumpy as Ruud Gullit, and talks bollocks better than Eric Cantona.

PSG vs Malmo FF

• Zlatan fails to score
• PSG win 2-0
• Malmo host next time

“It means a lot to me,” he said as if someone had told him to try being humble for a change, “I come from the city. To have the chance to play against them in the Champions League? There’s nothing better.” Zlatan Ibrahimovic betting the sooner everyone moves on from the wholesale destruction of the Swedish team at the hands of that great footballing powerhouse that is Austria recently, the better. Although those that like to bet on sports in Sweden and had money on the game might disagree.

The Swede sat out PSG’s disappointing 2-2 draw against Bordeaux, the first game of the season they’ve failed to win thus far, on the weekend so he should be fighting fit for this match and it was evident he was already in a competitive place mentally speaking managing to turn “I have a lot of good memories from there” from being a nice remembrance into bit of a jibe against the up-coming opposition by adding; “even if I didn’t win any trophies.” Nice one Z, just had to slip that in, eh?

PSG Host Ibrahimovic’s Old Team In The Champions League

Zlatan Ibrahimovic teenager in Malmo

Looking at young Zlatan who would’ve thought there’s room for more smugness?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic betting a small portion of damning with faint praise was in order, also said of the team he played for between 1999 and 2001 scoring 16 times in 40 games, “I’m also very happy for Malmo………that club is playing the Champions League.” Which sounds more surprised and indulgent than perhaps he meant it. Then again, given the odds going in at ComeOn! Sportsbook and Bet365 are 1/8 on PSG taking the game and just 28/1 on Malmo winning, perhaps his belittlement has some basis.

That the game should be a rampant massacre of Malmo FF by PSG led by Zlatan Ibrahimovic betting a goal or two against his former club will be even better than merely playing them in the Champions League, is almost a foregone conclusion. As the game starts I wonder just how much that will prove to be true. Less than four minutes into the game I have my answer as Verratti prys the Malmo defense open with ease and Ángel Di María finishes it. PSG are off and running. One nil.

The first twenty minutes must have left Zlatan Ibrahimovic betting there would be other chances because his attempts were wayward, and despite those chances coming thick and fast as Malmo failed to keep pressure on the ball, the big Swede just couldn’t find the finish he needed. I’m gambling news finally got around the Malmo defense that they needed a new strategy and they fell back behind the ball making it tricky for PSG and keeping the deficit just one goal till half-time.

Is Zlatan Ibrahimovic Betting His Time Will Come?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic PSG v Malmo

Zlatan wasn’t quite his devastating self last night

Zlatan Ibrahimovic betting that Malmo couldn’t sustain their cohesive defense, came out in the second half and after 16 minutes flicked on neatly for Cavani to head the ball home and put PSG in a more comfortable position two goals up. Not fully fit at 74 minutes on the clock Ibrahimovic was subbed off, his chance to score against his old side gone till they next meet in Sweden. This left PSG to soldier on, victory already assured, with the big Z sat on the bench wondering about FC Barcelona transfer news.

A scrappy game became more patchy, Malmo never quite able to make the best of the odd break that came their way, PSG not managing to finish with the confidence required to actually put the goal in the back of the net, an effort late in injury time disallowed for off-side summing up the French side’s game, they won, but against the minnows of the Champion’s league it was hardly convincing, and had Malmo been any less of a side the scoreline would have been far worse.

Malmo’s biggest victory is being in the Champions League at all, if we’re to believe the big Z, and every game is a win of sorts, however it is likely they’ll have to improve on this performance if they want to make their mark. There’s also the return leg to consider when PSG visit Malmo, a game when Zlatan Ibrahimovic betting his skills against the barracking of his former fans will make for an interesting game to bet on whatever the killjoy Swedish gambling lawss might have you believe.

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