Claim €800 Cashback Bonus in April Playing at Betsson Casino

Would you be interested in getting €800 cashback bonus in April 2017? Then you better join Betsson Casino as soon as possible!

Start playing at Betsoon Casino now and win free money even if your bets lose! Even the least lucky players can win now!

Playing at Betsson Casino has always been full of advantages, but now we can add one more Pro to the list: you can get free money online even if you are unlucky and lose at the casino! You can get up to €800 thanks to the cashback bonus in April 2017 so make sure you play before the promotion expires. That happens as of 30 April.

Cashaback prizes every week!

You can win €200 cashback bonus every week throughout the promotional period. That is to say, you play, you lose, and you will get back 10% of your lost bets – up to the above mentioned amount. Care to learn more about similar online casino promotions? Take a look at our Betsson Casino review!

  • Cashback Bonus: 10%
  • Claim back your lost wagers every week!
  • Bonus: up to €200 per week
  • Valid until 30 April

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