European Raffle Discount – 10% Discount On Two Shares

Posted: August 8, 2022

Updated: August 8, 2022

This European raffle discount is worth 10% if you buy two shares from the greatest lottery tickets in Spain. Therefore, TheLotter will grant you a 10% discount. You need to buy at least two shares from the same pull. The game is called the El Gordo Lotería de Navidad. Furthermore, since these are not full tickets but shares, you may purchase several shares from different tickets. Therefore, your odds can be better for a small cut.

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  • Available Games3.0
  • Minimum Deposit Requirement3.5
  • Prize Value4.5
  • Promotion Duration5.0

This European raffle discount takes place at one of the best online lotto sites in Spain. Therefore, you can buy shares from one of the biggest Spanish lottery tickets, the Loteria de Navidad to win the El Gordo. However, with the help of TheLotter, you can buy these shares from any country eligible for the website. Furthermore, this time you are not going to buy a ticket for the raffle. However, you will buy a share from an already purchased ticket. Therefore, you can buy multiple tickets to increase your odds. Furthermore, you may own more shares of the same ticket to increase your total share if the ticket wins. This offer gives you a 10% discount if you buy at least two shares for the draw. If you are new to the website, then please check out our online lotto reviews and follow the online lotto news.

European Raffle Discount

We are going to explain how to get the European raffle discount on your account. However, you will have to follow these simple steps. Because you will have to buy at least two tickets for the discount to apply. Furthermore, you will have to understand that you are buying shares and not full tickets. However, if you win, then the winnings are still worth it. Especially if you buy multiple ticket shares.

  1. Register or log in at TheLotter.
  2. Navigate to the El Gordo Lotería de Navidad.
  3. Buy at least 2 shares of tickets.
  4. Enjoy your 10% European raffle discount on this Spanish draw.
  5. The draw will be on December 22, 2022.

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All Terms and Conditions and the Terms of Use apply. Furthermore, you will have to purchase at least 2 pieces of tickets to receive the 10% discount. Therefore, Lotter has made sure to make a visible notification of your European raffle discount if you are in the right place. The draw will take place on December 22, 2022. Furthermore, you are going to buy shares of these tickets. Therefore, you are only eligible for the total winnings of the ticket, if you own 10 shares of the same ticket. Always play with responsibility and stay gambling aware. Spanish taxing applies to the winnings.

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