Play, Tell, and Do a Whole Lot More in Bingo Hall’s Taboo Room

What's on your mind today? If it's Bingo and more then tell us while you play in the new Taboo Room, for adults only, at Bingo Hall.

You must be aware of what goes on in the Taboo Room and be willing to accept it, so spice up you life and win some of that $1,500.

Did you enjoy ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’? And you love Bingo? Well then the Taboo Room at Bingo Hall is just the place you need to be to take your online bingo level to the next level. Drop you inhibitions and your $0.50 -the price of a card and you can have all 48 of those. Prepare for some wild Foreplay for just $10, then kick off with some Kinky Koveralls with $1,500 on the first 50 calls and a $100 guaranteed pot. Enjoy some steaming hot Sweet n’ Sweaty fixed games for $150, as well as some Sensual Dancing games going between $50 and $200. Come to an orgasmic end with Top or Bottom games of $75 – $150.

11 PM and 2 AM EST Nightly

The Taboo Room is the place to be every night between 11 PM and 2 AM EST! Unlike the other online bingo rooms, talking dirty while playing fair is what Bingo Hall‘s Taboo Room is all about. So consenting adults, come on out and speak your mind in the new and exciting Taboo Room. Dare to be you where rules and restrictions are fobidden. Spice up you life your game and your winnings. Yes that’s right, if you bingo on O69 you will win double prize in BBS. And that’s not all, if you win the number 6 and the number 9 patterns in the same day you will be rewarded you with another $100 bonus. So dare to be dirty and win big and remember, whatever happens in the Taboo Room stays in the Taboo Room.

  • $100 guaranteed pot
  • Kinky Koveralls with $1,500
  • Top or Bottom games of $75 – $150
  • 11 PM and 2 AM EST


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