Win €100 with the Live Blackjack Bonus Card at 888casino

Every day, you can receive as much as €100 extra money if you get dealt one of the 12 Live Blackjack bonus cards at 888casino

Enjoy a few sessions of blackjack at the 888Xtra table in the Private Room of 888casino and collect one of the 12 prizes!

There’s €750 to claim in daily bonuses at the blackjack table in 888casino’s live dealer section. Just take a seat at the 888Xtra table between 1pm and 1am (GMT) and play a few hands of blackjack. During that period, there will be bonus cards shuffled into the deck. Each of the cards provide you a different bonus, ranging from €100 to €25. If you score one of the 12 bonus cards, you’ll get an instant bonus from 888casino!

You can find general information in our latest review about 888casino!

  • Live blackjack bonus cards at 888casino
  • Play in the Private Room between 1pm – 1am (GMT)
  • Score one of the Live Blackjack Bonus Cards
  • Available every day at the 888Xtra table!

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