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Casinos in Jamaica

Jamaica has numerous land-based casinos, which are all located inside resort hotels. Most of Jamaica’s resort hotels are located in the capital city of Kingston or in Montego Bay.

Prior to 2010, however, casinos were only allowed to offer slot machines. It is estimated that there are roughly 1,200 establishments operating slot machines.  Laws were revised in 2010 to allow table games into Jamaican casinos. In addition, casinos can only be located inside hotels containing at least 2,000 rooms.

As of now there are no casinos of such size, so visitors can only play slot games. Some popular destinations are the Terra Nova and Jamaica Pegasus hotels in Kingston and the Caribbean Treasures in Montego Bay.

Online Casinos in Jamaica

The government issues licenses to online casinos, although they legally can only serve overseas gamblers. However, it is reported that there are currently no online casinos licensed in the country.

However, it is reported that many Jamaicans use unlicensed and foreign-operated casino sites, as the government does not have only controls on them. The Betting, Gaming and Licensing Commission is considering legalizing and regulating them in order to raise tax revenue.