Online Gambling Sites in Malawi - July 2024

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Gambling Laws in Malawi 

Gambling in Malawi is legal under several laws. The central law within the Malawian gambling legislation is the Gambling Act No. 26 of 1996, which together with its amendments comprises the legal framework not just for land-based but for online gambling too. According to this law all most gambling games are legal in the country including several forms of online gambling in Malawi.  The body responsible for regulation of the gambling activities in the country is the Malawi Gaming Board and Lotteries Authority (MAGLA). MAGLA was established as a merger between the earlier formed Malawi Gaming Board, established under the Gaming Act No. 26 of 1996, and the Malawi Lotteries Authorities. MAGLA has authority over issuing and suspending licenses in the country. According to Malawian gambling laws, minors, under 18 years of age are prohibited to participate in gambling activities.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Malawi?

Yes, most forms of online gambling are legal in Malawi.

Online Casinos in Malawi

There are only two licensed casinos in Malawi, as of January 2019, Casino Marina and Casino Kairo, but none of them has launched so far an online casinos in Malawi. Premier bet offers some “fast games” on their website which contain electronic, however, much of the online casino gaming in the country is still lacking a precise regulation. Due to this reason foreign internet casino sites can be accessed from the country. 

Online Poker in Malawi

There are no specific Malawian online poker laws, but the general regulations apply, and online poker is also considered to be legal in the country. However as of January 2019, there are no specialized licensed online poker site in Malawi. Although there are two licensed casino chains in the country none of them has so far introduced online poker on their websites.

Online lottery in Malawi

Premier Lotto is the state licensed provider for all sorts of lotto games in the country. Since 2015 the lottery has been offering various lotto games on the Malawian market but did not introduce online lottery in Malawi yet. Their monopoly in Malawi is guaranteed by the 5 year contract signed in 2015,  and their work in overseen by the MAGLA . Foreign sites offering online lotto games are blocked by the authorities.

Online bingo in Malawi

There are no specific Malawian online bingo laws. The national lottery, which has monopoly over much of the gambling offer in the country does not offer bingo games neither online nor through land-based shops. Thus, as of January 2019, there are no specialized sites for online bingo in Malawi. Bingo rooms, licensed elsewhere, are can be accessed by the residents of Malawi.

Online sports betting in Malawi

Online sports betting in the country is highly popular. There are various online sportsbook sites in Malawi, Premier Bet, being the one with highest rank among them. Their betting offers in Malawi is quite rich, encompassing most of the available sports and sports event worldwide. Since 2016 the sportsbook has launched special smart phone app for easier access. Foreign internet sportsbook sites are actively being blocked by the authorities.

Online daily fantasy sports in Malawi

Online DFS sites in Malawi are legal and part of the regular offer of Premier Bet. Although there is no explicit mention of DFS as legal in any of the regulations, the broad definition of sports betting is considered to include within it the internet Daily Fantasy Sports in Malawi too.