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Gambling in Nepal

Nepal, famous around the world for Sherpas and Mount Everest, has long been known as the oldest gambling capital of South Asia. When the civil war began between the king of Nepal and the Maoist communist guerrillas, the capital city of Kathmandu was still full of tourist, casinos, law and order. When the Maoists took over and the Monarchy was abolished in 2008, little remained of the once thriving gambling industry in Nepal but eight casinos inside eight five star hotels in Kathmandu.
Casino attendance had been forbidden for local players ever since the early 1970’s, but the new Maoist communist government quickly outlawed any and all gambling by the Nepalese. This has been enforced with regular police raids ever since. As a result local gamblers went almost completely underground, into private homes and into illegal gambling dens.
In February of 2011, communist lawmakers ordered all eight casinos to immediately leave Kathmandu blaming them for the high crime rate and the existence of the underground gambling parlors. Nevertheless, several casinos remain in operation to this day.

Online Gambling in Nepal

There are no online casinos, sportsbooks, bingo, poker rooms or anything of the kind operated from Nepal. Illegal underground traditional casinos are not safe for visitors or foreign residents to visit. After a string of robberies, rapes and murders, the foreign community, along with wealthy locals, began to exclusively frequent over 100 foreign based online casinos in Nepal. The communist government of Nepal doesn’t want citizens to gamble, but there is little that could be done since the internet casinos are located outside Nepalese jurisdiction.

The popularity of online gambling has been steadily growing with multiple internet cafes catering exclusively to online casino players. Local residents who like to bet on sports in Nepal prefer to wager online then to risk their life inside an illegal casino. There are dozens of reputable, safe and convenient casinos which welcome and honor Nepalese players. Unfortunately very few offer Nepali language options. So regardless of whether the game of choice is online poker or internet slots, there are dozens of massive online full-service casinos that await Nepalese gamblers.