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Timberwolves v Grizzlies Game 3 Predictions

Ja Morant, Karl-Anthony Towns, Anthony Edwards, Jaren Jackson Jr., D'Angelo Russell and more. Couple this young talent with some veteran experience and the 1st round of the playoffs are already entertaining. When even a 7th seed team finishes the regular season with a 46-36, you know how serious the competition in the West is. As the tied series head to Minnesota, check out our predictions for the Timberwolves v Grizzlies Game 3.

Timberwolves v Grizzlies Game 3 predictions

Timberwolves v Grizzlies Game 3 Predictions

Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like we have ourselves a series. The Memphis Grizzlies tied the series 1-1 after a 124-96 blowout win against Minnesota on Tuesday. Both teams are full of young talent and the league’s future is really in their hands. A 25-9 run in the 3rd quarter reminded everyone how dangerous the Grizzlies can be on both ends of the floor. Furthermore, seven Memphis players scored in double digits just to make sure in case Morant’s near triple-double wouldn’t be enough. The biggest takeaway from this game was the defense. Where the Grizzlies failed in Game 1, they sure fixed it this time around. A combined effort kept the Timberwolves’ scoring to a minimum. All in all, the 7th seed Timberwolves made the most of their chances against the 2nd place Grizzlies in Memphis. The Timberwolves v Grizzlies Game 3 predictions favor Memphis.

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The Timberwolves won both of their regular-season home games against the Grizzlies this season. Similarly, they also lost both road games. But their biggest win over their 1st round rivals was a 43-point victory. Both teams’ young roster is new to the playoffs. Minnesota is even more so than Memphis. Apart from this year, they only made the playoffs once in the last 10 years. Killian Tillie and Santi Aldama of the Grizzlies remain out with injuries. However, Aldama could be available for Game 3. So our take is that the Timberwolves will win Game 3 in Minnesota. On the other hand, we aren’t counting out a masterclass on coaching by Grizzlies HC Taylor Jenkins either. The NBA playoffs are one of the most entertaining and unpredictable sports series in the world. In one moment you’re finishing 1st in the regular season, in the next, you could be eliminated by an 8th seed.

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