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The Best Online Bingo Sites in Paraguay - 2022

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Bingo in Paraguay

Bingo once enjoyed huge fame in Paraguay, but the popularity of the game has been in decline during recent years.

During the 70s and 80s, Paraguay enjoyed very relaxed gambling laws, while at the same time gambling was completely banned in the surrounding nations of Argentina and Brazil. This lead to a huge industry of gambling tourism, and local casinos and bingo halls flourished. Since then, the gambling ban in surrounding countries has been lifted, while Paraguay has tightened its gambling laws considerably.

There are still several bingo halls found across Paraguay, especially in the more touristy areas, but the country's bingo industry is nothing like it was a few decades ago.

Online Bingo in Paraguay

Players in Paraguay looking for real-money bingo might have better luck online than on the streets.
Online gambling in Paraguay is bound by several different laws, but none are very clear, and the issue remains confusing. Ultimately, foreign internet bingo sites are the way to go. These sites are hosted in other countries, where the Paraguayan government has no power.

Players can sign up and play at these online bingo rooms with real money. Most will only be in English, but there are a few bingo websites that offer Spanish language services too. Until the bingo industry in Paraguay starts going uphill, playing the game online is a great alternative.