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The Best Online Sportsbook Sites in Paraguay - 2022

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Sports Betting in Paraguay

There is only one legal form of sports betting in Paraguay and it is called Bet-Book. It is run by VIBA S.A., which received a license to operate Bet-Book from the National Committee of games of Chance back in 2005.

Bet-Book lets players make wagers on politics, sports, and cultural events. Tickets for Bet-Book can be purchased from street vendors across most cities in Paraguay. Bet-Book is the only legal sportsbook in Paraguay. Other bookies sometimes run underground businesses, but these get shut down quickly, and are not safe to give money to.

Online Sports Betting in Paraguay

The only alternative available to betting with Bet-Book is to use foreign online sportsbooks. These sites are run from other countries, where the Paraguayan government has no power of control.

The government does not like it that players make bets at foreign gambling websites, but there is not much they can do to stop it. These foreign internet betting sites will offer a wide range of bet types for many local and worldwide matches and events.

Not all online sportsbooks will offer Spanish support, and not all will accept players from Paraguay, but these online bookmakers remain the only alternative to the sports betting monopoly in Paraguay known as Bet-Book.